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Two appointments

I went to the doctor today about my eyes freaking out on me last Thursday and Saturday. I’m going to be getting some tests and exams done soon.

Got a haircut this afternoon after the doctor. I’ll post a photo sometime soon. While you can see the part, it’s not supposed to be there; it’s going to take some time to get untrained.

Josh’s artwork can now be seen in banners on the Gawker family web blogs. Blogs such as Gawker, Gridskipper, Wonkette, Consumerist, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker.

Here is his homepage on their artists’ site.

NOV. 23: I finally found time to watch some movies. Before this week, it was September when I last watched a movie. [link]

I love technology


First week of the new job! I think I’m all set up with network access, e-mail, phone, business cards, etc. Also, my new work machine is a MacBook Pro (very happy with that).

I setup a Solaris VM on my MacBook Pro with the help of VMware Fusion. It was pretty straightforward.

The TwitterSync application for Facebook updates one’s status automatically. The official Twitter Facebook app always prepends “twittering:”. I already write my “tweets” in a “facebook voice” so that the “Troy is” already works. TwitterSync makes that prefix optional.

Facebook has RSS? Cool. I subscribe to Digg, Joystiq, and several blogs with Thunderbird. I think I’ll like getting Facebook updates that way too.

I also bought an iPhone. Love it. These are my favorite third-party apps: Fandango, Facebook, Twitter on Thincloud, Digg.

Travis and Grace came down the last two weekends. We played some Diablo II (fan-created Eastern Sun mod) and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

But not as much as you

Hangin’ out with Josh

I’ve been trying out a laptop and using wireless Internet this past weekend. It’s been nice. I’m writing this from bed, in fact. Kinda makes me want to get one.

Sunday was fun. Had brunch with Josh in Springfield before Julie and Josh went to see “Into The Wild” and I went to play Ultimate (I haven’t seen a movie in a couple months … argh). Then we met up again at Best Buy where we looked for a little video player for Josh’s art project and Julie and I looked at cameras — it’s looking like we lost ours, not that we’ve looked very hard for it.

We headed back to J’ville where Julie made Indian food, Josh and I ran to Home Depot for supplies, Josh installed a new shower surround, we all watched the season finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and ate Pumpkin Pie Blizzards.

I sent in a bid for an Ultimate tournament Sunday night. The tourney is the weekend of Dec. 1 in Columbia, Mo. There is a roster limit of 11 people, three of which must be women. The guys are set, I think, but I’m still trying to nail down what women are going.

I dig the song on the iPod Touch comercial. You can listen to the whole song here.

Erin Gallager told me there’s a new Nintendo DS game called Frisbee Disc Sports Ultimate and Golf. It’s received some really bad reviews. Too bad.

Twitter spam? Mapping

When someone I don’t know and who lives nowhere near me subscribes to my Twitter feed, shouldn’t I assume there is some sort of spam thing going on?

Several months ago, at least, I noticed that Google Maps was displaying the MacMurray College Campus strangely. After staring at the map for a few minutes, I realized they still had two streets running through campus that were no longer there, and the shaded box for the campus didn’t extend far enough.

I poked around online for a bit and found the Navteq Map Reporter (Navteq is the map data provider Google Maps uses) and filled out the form explaining the inaccuracies. I think I may have included an altered screenshot, too.

I don’t know how long ago they fixed it, but when I checked today, I noticed it had been changed.

Here’s a recreation of the “before” map:

Here is the “after” screenshot:

Minneapolis, Minnesota


I’ve accepted a new job!

I won’t be traveling every week on a plane, I’ll be working with clients in Minneapolis, Minn., though. Jantina and I will be looking for a small, one-bedroom apartment and moving up there in a few weeks (likely after Thanksgiving). We are keeping our house in Lincoln, and expect to be back frequently. I don’t expect the move to be permanent, but it is a really great opportunity.

I’ll be able to see Matt a lot more also since he is in the area. I’m hoping to work out with him since I’ll really be missing karate. I look forward to Matt showing me around, too, since I’m completely new to the area (thanks for all help so far, too!).

Weekend recap

Friday: We had November’s Downtown Gallery Hop event Friday night and it was very busy. Gavin decided he’d order me around all night.

Saturday: I got up about 5:15 a.m. to get to Rantoul, Ill., for the Illinois Hat Tournament. I drove over with Brian, Jamie and T.J. Sam drove over on his own. I broke my nose — though mildly — in the game against the denim team. My team looked pretty good, but we lost every game by a fair amount. I’m not sure what happened there. The wind was a factor, I guess.

Sunday: David Wilmert did some troubleshooting on my computer — which stopped booting after I unplugged it Monday — and he figured out how to get it working again. We know what was happening, but not why. I spent the rest of the day with mom, dad, Julie and the dogs.

Sunday night: I hung out with David, Troy, Travis and Travis’ wife Grace as they all played Diablo II and ate chocolate dominoes.