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Swing low

Long story short: I got invited to a Jacksonville swingers’ New Year’s Eve party last night! Pretty funny. I’m told it will be going on for a couple days straight. How odd. Strange things are always going on under our noses that we rarely find out about, I guess. Wish I could do a story about it, but I don’t think they’d give me access.

I talked to Dave Wilmert the other day. He says he doesn’t know what a Blog is. For real? — How did Saturday’s gaming session go, by the way? Wish I could have been around for it. We were over in Jefferson City, Mo., for most of the weekend. Then in St. Louis on Sunday and Monday. I’m rather sick of driving. I just found out about an informal New Year’s get-together at my co-workers’ place tonight. Didn’t feel up to making the drive back up to Lincoln for New Year’s, so we’re going to stay around J’ville.

Early returns

Julie and I had to come back early from Kentucky so my parents could more easily spend the day at a funeral. They were pretty drained after that.

I picked up the 4″ x 5″ Wacom drawing tablet on sale at Circuit City. It works with Photoshop 5.5, which I have at home. I was hoping I could also use it at work, but there I only have version 5.0.

Right now it is about noon on Xmas Day. We’re making food for our traditional ethnic Xmas meal … this year it is a UK Xmas (we’ve done Mexican, Chinese, New Orleans, Indian). We’re making lemon curd and scones, treacle scones, beef and Yorkshire pudding, parsnip and apple soup, bubble and squeek, and trifle for dessert … oh and some egg nog. We’re about to start the first course. Gotta go.

Oh, the Misery

That would be the drive here to Kentucky and the movie we’re watching on TV right now. We left Lincoln at 9:30 a.m. and got here about 6:30 p.m. (7:30 p.m. local time). We made a few stops. We picked up some sliders at White Castle. That’s become a little tradition for our drive to and from Lexington. The street names are kinda funny … tons of race horse names like Man-O-War. Most of our stops were fairly fruitless, but I did find the Playskool Millennium Falcon at a KB outlet store.

On the road again

Party at John and Kate’s in Peoria last night was good. The theme was “The Year 2403.” We made a dress out of black and grey duct tape for Julie. I had to cut her out when we got home. My outfit was entitled “Fiesta 2403,” with a huge foil-covered sombrero, skinny foil tie, leather pants and mexican blanket-style vest. There were some other good outfits there, but not as many people dressed up compared to the last year or the year before that. We carried on the tradition of closing out the party with a viewing of the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special. Oh boy is it awful.

When I woke up this morning, my sinuses were all messed up and that gave me a headace. I took some stuff, took a nap and eventually got rid of most of the problems by noon. We went to mom’s concert at the high school auditorium and out to First Wok — meeting up with Bruce and Sandy, our former pastor and his wife (She’s a big “Lord of the Rings” fan. She said she got to go to a marathon showing of the whole trilogy last Tuesday). I stuffed myself near-silly. Then we went to “Return of the King.”

Saw Dave and Darrin Wilmert — briefly — as they were leaving the movie we were going into. Movie was very good. I saw what the reviewer I read (the one I put in the paper last Thursday) was getting at about not caring for the performance of the man acting as king of Gondor. I’m not super-clear on the guy’s motivation, either, I guess. But the men of the mountain didn’t bother me at all.

I was hoping to pop by and see Travis today, but I couldn’t get ahold of him. And he doesn’t seem to be answering IMs, either.

Hitting the pavement again tomorrow. This time to the middle of Kentucky … heck of a long drive. Pups will stay with my parents. Geez, this post is about as long as Troy’s.

Happenings … mostly slack angst

Feels like we have a lot we want to accomplish this weekend.

I just got back from Charlotte, N.C., (work assignment) on Wednesday. The plane was late, I didnt get any real food, then stayed up getting my expense reports and other paperwork done before going to bed … that way I didn’t feel bad about sleeping in a bit.

Got up late Thursday, but that night we went to Epcot to see the Candlelight Precessional (one of our favorite holiday activities in the area).

Tonight we go to Home Team at Jim and Jenn’s. Hopefully we can talk someone into going to see “Return of the King” with us tonight (it would be a late night since Home Team starts at 7:30 and I think Jim works on Saturday mornings … so that may not work out).

Then, sometime this weekend, we need to make some returns. For example, these jeans I bought for myself … really weird … all of these jeans that I tried on, identically labeled waist and length among pairs, yet DRAMATICALLY different in physical characteristics! Is this the kind of craftsmanship our off-shore money-saving labor provides? Some of these jeans are a good 2 inches longer than others, even though they are the same style, brand, and labeled size! (I was only trying on 1 pair of each style/size/brand and once I found one I liked, I bought 2 pair, but they were not the same) Moral: Try on everything you purchase. Do not trust the labels (grrr … I hate trying on clothing).

I don’t think I have any more assignments before the holidays. The only thing I have lined up currently is a class for after New Year’s. Oh, I did pick up Halo for the Mac. It runs pretty well on my Powerbook and I love being able to have multi-player Halo on the road!!


I ran into Amy and Troy’s mom at Target in Springfield, Tuesday night. They seemed to be shopping for toys for Christmas presents. I’m not telling what they were actually buying. Amy had a couple tots with her. One kinda reminded me of a young Ethan. Am I crazy?

Chink-chink for chunk-chunk toys

That was a funny expression that Dr. Steve Wenger used in a lecture. I took a couple extra psychology classes than I needed, just because Dr. Wenger made them interesting — fun even.

A student who was scheduled to meet with Dr. Wenger, Tuesday afternoon, found him dead, apparently from a heart attack. He was 58. He had just turned in the grades after the last finals. Someone just told me this morning that he had a history of heart problems (possibly even a heart attack back in 1997 — I graduated in the spring of ’97). I hadn’t heard that before.

Dr. Wenger was an avid collector of electronics, a musician and a ham radio operator. Memorial Mass will be celebrated 2 p.m. Friday at the Church of Our Saviour in Jacksonville, with burial at Calvary Cemetery. Family will meet friends from noon-1:30 p.m. Friday at Williamson Funeral Home. Condolences may be sent to the family online at Airsman-Hires’ site.


My friend’s got an early-model iMac (running OS 8.6) — I updated QuickTime and Internet Explorer — the next day, the computer froze when Outlook Express was trying to get mail. So I got the most recent version of Outlook Express (again, for OS 8.6) and it worked again. He e-mails me today to tell me Outlook Express is locking up after he hits the “Send & Receive” button. What the heck? I’m not even sure what to try now. — a few minutes pass — Well, I found a couple ideas online, so at least I have some things to try.

Today, I got the 75,000-mile service on the Civic (costly, I might mention) and found 3 Star Wars items while I was out. Jedi Army (figure 3-pack), Hoth Evacuation General Rieekan with Hoth tactical screen, and Tatooine Escape C-3PO with escape pod. Images are from

‘It’s blowing you and me’

We watched “A Mighty Wind” last night. I’d been telling myself it might not be all that good, but I liked it quite a bit. Some of the songs are funny others are actually good songs. The day we went to see the movie at the theater, the place closed down bacause a tornado was coming through the area. Weird, eh?

Lincoln log

Julie tells me we plan to be in Lincoln:

“uhh … the 20th to drop the dogs off before John and Kate’s party, the 21st for the concert (Guido’s mom’s concert), part of the 24th (Christmas Eve), the 25th (Christmas), some of the 26th (maybe), possibly New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day if you want.”

How about you guys?