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Idea: questionable

Looks like I’m going to another Ultimate tournament this weekend. This one is in Fayetteville, Arkansas. That is a hefty drive — plus a couple muscles aren’t recovered from last weekend’s tourney. The weather forecast looks good. Last year’s was cold and wet which equals nasty. I won’t be dressing up for the party — if I even go. They usually have a good band or two, so maybe I’ll go for that. It’s not like I know many people that will be there. Good tournament, though. This will be my fourth year at this one. I’ll be driving down there after work on Friday with one other guy from Springfield. We’ve been told we can find a team to play on once we get there.

Musical shares

I got the new CD from The Strokes (after one listen I’m not in love with it) and the 2CD deal from Beth Orton, “Pass in Time: The Definitive Collection,” which has only one new song. I thought it was going to be a new album. Oops. I recommend her album “Central Reservation.”

I went to download the new Napster 2.0 program and … you guessed it … it doesn’t run on Win98. First iTunes, now this. What OEM hardware could I look for that comes with WinXP? This? Or some other low-cost way to get XP?

Therein lies the rub

I just got back from a “full-body” massage. Felt goood. Kinda pricey, so I won’t be doing that every week. I was so sore after the tournament this weekend … I felt a little desperate. I could barely walk Sunday. Much better now.

The tournament, Saturday, was fruitful. The new guys seemed to learn a lot. It got really cold for about an hour, but other than that I was good. The fields were horrible and I turned my ankle. I pulled a couple muscles, too, including my right butt.

In the morning, Julie dropped me off at the Ultimate fields, then took the dogs to Lincoln then came back and dropped the car off at the fields and went to see “Les Mis” with my parents at UIS. After the tournament, I picked Julie up at UIS and we drove down to St. Louis. We attended my Josh and Amanda’s Halloween party. Dancing, hors d’oeuvres, pictures, silliness. Somehow we ended up playing truth-or-dare, which had its moments.

About nine people stayed over at Josh and Amanda’s. John, Kate, Julie and I had a big sleeping bag deal that we shared on the floor. Becky fell asleep in Josh and Amanda’s bed … so Amanda joined her there. Michael fell asleep with a beer bottle under his arm on the couch and we couldn’t wake him up. Beth had the air matress upstairs, where Michael was supposed to sleep. I’m not sure where Josh slept.

Sunday, we got our pictures processed, ate at a little mexican place and stopped in this place called Chocolate Bar and had some chocolate (go figure). Julie and I drove up to Lincoln, had some chinese food at First Wok and grabbed the dogs and headed back to J’ville.

After all that, I was feeling quite imbricated, as you could imagine.

Fruity Cats

I ran over to the Apple store (it is nearly across the street from me) to pick up Panther since today is its release day. I did not know though that it is not released until 8:00 pm ! There was a line forming 6:20 and they were putting up those little rope things to wrap the line. I could not think of enough to do at the mall to entertain myself, and I did not want to stand in line talking with fellow geeks, so I came home and will go back later tonight. (it is less than 4 minutes away door-to-door)… I’ll edit when I get back to let you know how it worked out , so this is possibly my last post from Jaguar 😉

I went back to the Apple store, I figured the initial rush would have died down… but I was wrong. A lot of die-hard geeks that want the OS on release night. I waited in line for an hour to get it…. It took about an hour and a half to upgrade to Panther, trying out the features now, all my existing software and settings migrated just fine.

Heh, I’m in a couple pictures that other people took of the event, mostly just my back though. (wearing an orange shirt at the checkout)

New Shins CD, “Chutes Too Narrow,” is good (based on 3 listens). I got Travis’ new CD last week too. I think it is pretty good too (need more listens).

Tournament in Springfield is this weekend. I need to make salsa tonight. Fields might be bad — we’ll see. I have a halloween part Saturday night. Julie’s going to “Les Mis” with my mom Saturday, too.

Here’s a sketch of an idea I had done for today’s entertainment page, but I didn’t end up using it.

Movies + Stuff

I saw “Bowling for Columbine” last weekend and it was pretty good. A little over the top on some things, but for the most part an accurate look at the culture of the U.S. where firearms are involved. I also saw “Daddy Daycare” which I got a big kick out of. Pretty soon I’m going to be enjoying Oprah, what the hell?

I finished the patio. We’re been enjoying sitting out there with a fire in the outdoor fireplace thingy. I guess it was worth the work, I’ll find out next year for sure.

The travel season is beginning. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas in Lincoln with a few trips to Wisonsin and California for work.

I hear the line starting up, better go

No iTunes for me

I was looking forward to using the iTunes store, but it only works with OSX and Windown XP or 2000. I have none of the above. I guess I’ll just have to use the imaginary Win98 iTunes and my new dirt-cheap iPod.