Two appointments

I went to the doctor today about my eyes freaking out on me last Thursday and Saturday. I’m going to be getting some tests and exams done soon.

Got a haircut this afternoon after the doctor. I’ll post a photo sometime soon. While you can see the part, it’s not supposed to be there; it’s going to take some time to get untrained.

Josh’s artwork can now be seen in banners on the Gawker family web blogs. Blogs such as Gawker, Gridskipper, Wonkette, Consumerist, Gizmodo, and Lifehacker.

Here is his homepage on their artists’ site.

NOV. 23: I finally found time to watch some movies. Before this week, it was September when I last watched a movie. [link]

3 responses to “Two appointments”

  1. Troy says :

    Wow, going short for the winter!Looks good though :)What were your eyes doing?!?!

  2. guido says :

    Thanks on the hair.About my eyes: I had two episodes of weird, big blank spots in my vision. — Not good when trying to edit a story. — It’s hard to explain, but a friend of mine has experienced something that sounds like what I experienced and he says it’s been called painless migranes. Weird, eh?

  3. Troy says :

    That is weird, I hope everything turns out ok.

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