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Shoulder tear

I had an MRI on my shoulder Friday and the doctor told me today I have a tear — I’m assuming they mean a tendon tear. Now I have to see a orthopedic doctor. What next?

Looking online, maybe it’s the supraspinatus tendon.

UPDATE 03/10/2008: It turns out that I have a tear in some cartilage, not a tendon.

Small ski window

I had a small window last night, before the snow melted today, to try out the cross-country skis I recently bought. I went to the park after work, about 3 a.m., and starting skiing through the park. I ran across some other ski tracks that went around the park, so I followed those tracks for another lap.

The skis worked pretty well, though it wasn’t as smooth as when I used to go in high school. Not sure if it’s just me or the equipment.

Japanese pizza

Josh’s exchange student Takayuki made a meal for us last night. It was described to me as Japanese pizza. It included cabbage, a dough that coated the cabbage, eggs to help hold it together, very thin slices of pork, some tiny balls of crunchy, fried dough. He put all that in a pan and made little pancake things, then topped those with a sauce that reminded us of barbecue sauce, plus fish flakes on top of the sauce.


Josh and I each experienced our own Nintendo Wii accidents tonight.

First, we were Wii Sports bowling and Josh tried releasing the Wiimote as one would release a real bowling ball. He had the wrist strap on, but the strap broke and the Wiimote flew — it crashed right below the TV, the battery cover few off and the batteries flew out.

I thought that was pretty freaky-scary … until my Wiinjury, that is.

I was serving to Josh in Wii Sports tennis — as I have many a time — but this time my hand made contact with the light fixture hanging from the ceiling. Glass from two light bulbs went flying around the room. My index finger was sliced a little, but my index, middle and ring finger feel like they were slammed in a car door and are swollen.

Also tonight, which happens to be Valentine’s Day, while over at Josh’s, we ate the red velvet cake I got for Julie. Julie got me a big box of candy … yum.

I bought my first URL the other night —

Shattered iPhone

Jantina and I went out for dinner one night this week. I dropped her off at the restaurant’s front door and parked the car. As I got out of the car, I heard a “thwack” at my feet. I saw my iPhone laying on the ground, quickly retrieved it and placed it back in its belt holder and hurried into the restaurant.

As we were eating, I received a call. I took my phone out to see who it was and discovered that the glass had shattered! The “holster” where I kept my iPhone was convenient for quickly sliding out to answer, but obviously not secure enough for daily wear.

After dinner we made a trip to the Apple store to see what my options were. When we arrived, we explained what had happened, and they made us an appointment with the “Genius Bar”. When we showed the phone to our assigned genius, she explained that they could swap it out for a service of $250 (yikes!). We didn’t really have an option though, so we had her transfer the sim card. We also picked up a new case for the phone that wraps around completely securing with a velcro flap over the top.

I actually did add my iPhone to a personal articles insurance policy a month ago, the claim is still processing, but I’m hoping they take care of the fee. I guess technically I was supposed to wait for State Farm to assess everything before I did the repair .. but I can’t be without my phone for that long.

Update: State Farm is taking care of the $250 fee!