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Lightning quote

Recently overheard:

“I think lightning just hit the tracks because all the gates just came down.”

Gavin’s third birthday

Julie and I spent the evening celebrating Gavin’s third birthday with him, his cousins Gabe and Free, Josh, Lisa and Kyle, at Chuck E. Cheese. Much Ski Ball was played.

Gavin seemed to like the big tube play set the most. The guy dressed as Chuck E. Cheese freaked him out, and the guy didn’t even get very close. At the end of the evening, Gavin probably could have continued playing, but he was pretty wiped out and though he didn’t go to sleep in the car, he was out right away when we got back.

New house


We took possession of our new house on Friday! We spent Friday and Saturday with family and friends stripping wallpaper, taping, painting, yard work, and other random fixing.

I’m in Rochester, NY, for work this week, but everyone back home continues to work on the house and its getting exciting! I know that this week Jantina plans to get the cable and Internet installed, some electrical changes made, carpet cleaned, and the PODS delivered.



Saturday we went to my brother-in-law’s graduation out at LCC. We saw a lot of familiar faces honoring their graduating friends and family too. Afterward, we went to Amie’s for lunch and cake.

Sunday wasn’t too eventful, I played Supreme Commander with David and Travis, David is getting better but Travis still won. (I’m also playing XBOX 360: Guitar Hero II, Halo 3 Beta, Command & Conquer 3)

We still have not taken possession of our new home, we hope that today might be the day. We won’t be moving in right away even when we do get it though, because Jantina wants to paint and re-arrange some things before we have the POD delivered.


Our newer car got sideswiped today as Julie was driving us around Springfield. I was sleeping in the passenger seat.

I woke up as a big pickup truck pulling a classic car on a trailer merged into our lane, right into us. Julie hit the breaks and edged towards the shoulder as much as possible, but, being on an overpass, there wasn’t really anywhere to go.

The trailer hit us and continued on. I called the police, we pulled over and they met up with us. They reportedly pulled the truck over 40 miles up the interstate.

When we got a chance to look at the car, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of damage, but I’m not an expert on the subject. We’ll have to take it to a body shop to get an estimate. Maybe just the trailer’s tire actually hit us (thanks to Julie’s defensive driving), because it looks like a layer of rubber is coating the paint.

JJ-C Web launch

The newspaper’s Web site is scheduled to go live in about an hour or so … maybe less. We’re still rearranging and making last-minute fixes. Check it out at After the launch we’ll be continuing to roll out new features and fine tune things.



My sister’s prom was Saturday, and I wanted her and her friends to have an option for post-prom since none of the high school organizations were sponsoring an event.

Ethan and I rearranged the furniture upstairs in my mom’s family room and set up five televisions and game systems. We had enough horsepower for eight player Halo, two Guitar Heroes, four Bombermen, and Samba de Amigo simultaneously.

Downstairs in the living room / dining room we set up a dry erase marker board for some old-school Pictionary, and to assist with other games like Hoopla.

In the kitchen, Jantina prepared snacks of various flavors, my favorite being the s’mores. She placed six sterno candles down the center of the kitchen table and prepared place settings with four graham cracker halves, one Hersey bar, and four marshmallows each.

Everyone had a great time, though the all-nighter was pretty hard on me. I think I’ve only now recuperated.