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Aye, robot

Picked up the OTC X-Wing Pilot Luke Skywalker, OTC Greedo and Galactic Heroes Obi-Wan/Darth Vader two-pack tonight.

We were hoping to see the “Alien Vs. Predator” and “I, Robot” double feature at the drive-in, but the summer hours no longer seem to be in effect. We rented some stuff and watched “Scary Movie.” A few chuckles, but kinda blah.

I listened to the self-titled CD by The Shore a few times during the weekend’s road trip and am getting into it. Best Brit-Pop from a California band, some review said. I’ve also been liking the Juliana Hatfield’s “In Exile Deo” and the Morrissey’s “You Are The Quarry” now that I’ve had a few more listens.

Cooler recap

I did go to the COOLER CLASSIC 16 ultimate tournament over the weekend, about 6 hours away, just outside Milwaukee. The odometer reads about 744 miles for the whole trip.

I drove to Lincoln late Friday, got three hours of sleep then took off for Peoria at 3 a.m. Saturday, picked up Mike — a Cat engineer — in Peoria and we followed Kevin’s car all the way to Delafield, WI, where we pulled into the polo fields at 8:30 a.m. First games started at 9 a.m.

I picked up with Rawhide — formerly Smokelahoma — from Tulsa, OK, with: [top row, l-r] Keith, Doug, Eric, Tom, Jimmy, Drew, Rafael (Geneva, Sweden), [bottom row] Mike, me, John (Fayetteville, AR), Leif (Springfield, MO), and Terryl. Oh, and you can see one of the team’s cheese cow awards down in front of my knee, missing it’s head.

I probably shouldn’t play Open A again, and I pretty much knew that beforehand, but I’m glad I got to try it. I got my hands on the disc a few times, but the best play was my layout for a tipped/blocked disc a few feet from our endzone which we then scored on. We got 13th place in the Open A division. The championship game in our division was Big Ass Truck (Berkley, MI) vs. Machine (Chicago).

It was cool and windy and rained most of Saturday. It stopped for a while in the afternoon and started back up. It wasn’t too bad. I probably could have used some sort of rain/windbreaker jacket, but I was OK.

At the end of the first day of play, Mike found me and we headed down to the campsite. We couldn’t find the Peoria team, so we took a shower and then found the Peoria peeps back at camp after that. They already ate, so Mike and I went to get a chicken, breakfast bacon, Canadian bacon, pineapple pizza with a coupon that was in the tournament booklet thingy.

Mike had never heard of cheese curds, and although we were in Winconsin, I failed to procure some for him to try. I actually had some at Saturday night’s party, but they disappeared pretty quick. And what are “hot reds,” by the way?

Camped out in Ben’s tent. There was a “per tent” fee, so it was better to share. Several people were playing poker until the wee hours in said tent. I got in on the no-money side game for a while and played a variety of games most of which were too confusing. Crazy Pineapple was fun. It continued raining until about 10 p.m., which damped the party a bit, but the tent held up pretty well. After it stopped raining, I ventured down to the party for a little while. Ran into some of the Rawhide guys. Threw the light-up disc around a bit. Had a beer and some snacks.

Probably went to sleep around 1 a.m. then I kept waking up too early Sunday morning, but I finally got up around 7:30 a.m. and packed up my gear, brushed teeth, etc. Mike and I grabbed something at McDonald’s and got to the fields at 8:30 a.m. again.

After two games on Sunday, we watched the remainder of the championship game I mentioned earlier. Then Mike and I hit the road right away. It might have been around 4 p.m. I dropped off Mike at his house near Peoria and stopped at Emo’s in Peoria Heights (that’s what the clown picture to the right is from) for a quick dinner — tamale hit the spot — on the way to Lincoln. Then Julie and I and the dogs came back home Monday.

Condition report: I pulled my achilles tendon a tiny bit on Saturday. I got a sunburn on Sunday that was looking pretty bad as of Sunday night but looking better Monday. Poison ivy is doing much better.

I don’t think I spent too much money: $23 Gas, $10 T-shirt, $8 disc, $6 snacks, $20 for meals, $18 for tournament fee, $2 for tolls = $87.

P.S.: Interstate 43 stinks.

Travis & Grace : MARRIED

I served as my brother Travis’ best man today. He’s married and off on his honeymoon now!

Congratulations Travis and Grace!

Stranger with candy

Nice piece on Stephen Colbert over at THE NEW YORK TIMES (reg. required).

He does, however, have one earnest (Republican) convention agenda, provided he wangles sufficient access: “We want to find out actual information about Republicans. We want to know where the pods are, where they’re grown, and we want to photograph them before they’re harvested.” Just kidding.

And Video game women take it off for Playboy in October issue: GAME OVER column.

Pork chop and cheesecake

Oh, the lawn is mowed and I am covered in sweat. It’s getting warmer.

The night before Erin left, we had cheese cake … and by we, I mean Utini reached way up on the counter and snarfed down a half a piece. Then last night he decided to take half of a pork chop. He even lifted the paper towel, that was on top, out of the way then put it back. Booger!

On the night shift

Picked up some trim paint for the kitchen and picked out a blue color for the upstairs bathroom. Julie’s taking down the wallpaper right now (see pic, right). We have to get the ceiling and wall, under where the roof leaked, fixed up before we paint. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have that big pipe there?

Found some new SW figures last night, too. I splurged on one of those freaking $30 12-inch figures — Stormtrooper. Hopefully they’ll get marked down sometime soon and I can buy one of those instead. Got four 3.75-inch “The Original Trilogy Collection” figures (Bossk, IG-88, Bespin Luke, R2-D2) and an unleashed Leia, too. I got the OTC ROTJ Luke last week.

The lawn is wet from yesterday’s all-day storm, but I’m thinking I should try to mow anyway while I have the time. Might stop by Revolution Records. The disc I ordered should be in by now. I’m working the night shift tonight, which is a little unusual. Hope it goes better than my last one.

Just got an e-mail from Erin that her flights back to Vietnam all went well. She thinks they found an apartment in Hanoi and is jumping right into work tomorrow. And she says their new town is going to take some getting used to.

Mel and I are definitely southern girls at heart, so gettin’ used to all this northern stuff will take some time. For example, stinking high prices and NONE of my favorite dishes! What up, G?


A friend calls a carpenter today to offer him some work on his new house. Carpenter responds, “I’d like to, but I cut my hand off.” Awkward silence…

This is Tim. He playes Ultimate until his nipples bleed. J.D. wrote a haiku about it, but I don’t have a copy of that.

‘Did I tell you?’

So Josie Hamblin tells me she got married on April 3, 2004, to Lance Warren.

Josie: Did i tell you i got married in April?

Guido@home: uh … NO

Josie: lol, oh.

Guido@home: Geez … congrats

Josie: Hey guido … I got married in April.

Josie: 🙂

Slow motion for me

One of my favourite things about the olympics is watching the slow-motion replays. There aren’t enough of them. Watching the runners’ faces bounce oddly and seeing their muscles ripple and flex is a mix of surreal and beautiful. I also like the under-water cameras during the diving and swimming events.

International gate

Just got back home after taking Erin to O’Hare in Chicago. Her super-long flight back to Vietnam took off at 1 p.m. CST and she’ll get to Hanoi around 10 p.m. (local time) on the 24th.

We stopped by Ikea after the airport and picked up a few things: ottoman, magnetic knife rack, a matching trash can and toilet seat for the upstairs bathroom that Julie is planning on redoing a bit. Julie’s already got the ottoman put together.

Mom drove all the way to the airport while the rest of us slept, I drove from the airport to Ikea and back to Lincoln while Mom and Julie slept and Julie drove from Lincoln to home.

I picked up a tent, sleeping bag, air matress and stuff for next weekend. I’m planning to go to COOLER CLASSIC tournament near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I don’t have a team to play with yet, but I’m hoping.

I’m gonna try to get into the doctor tomorrow. Poison Ivy’s trying to make a comeback now that my pills have run out. Burgaflickle!