Archive | June 2010

Giving a ride

Recently, I was in Lincoln and was getting gas on Fifth Street near the old Postville Courthouse pretty late at night when a guy approached asking directions to an apartment complex. I didn’t recognize the name of it, but he said it was near Lincoln College.

I didn’t know enough of the street names to give him directions, but I told him it was pretty far across town. But he’d already walked a long way in the wrong direction after getting to town on the train.

I got to mom and dad’s, dropped off our stuff and Julie and decided to see if I could get the guy close to where he was trying to get to.

I caught up with him near College and drove him to Lincoln College. Turns out that the place he was going was way down by Hardees, though. He pointed the way and I did get him there.

I’m not sure how long he’d have been meandering around town at night on foot. I know I would have been pretty frustrated.

Memorial Day weekend

Julie’s school is out for summer as of last week, so we decided to go to Madison, Wis., for my days off to watch some of the UPA College Nationals there. We had two really good meals at Great Dane Pub and at an Afghan restaurant called Kabul. We listened to the unabridged, book-on-CD version of “Horns” by Joe Hill on the drive up and back, though we still have two discs to listen to. We were only gone two days, but we were so busy that it seemed longer.

Carleton score

Cut (Carleton College) scores against Florida in the UPA College Nationals championship game, Monday, May 31, 2010. Florida went on to win the game.


I haven’t posted about my trip to the Orlando area yet. I had a family reunion down there. We had a couple rental houses in the Kissimmee St. Cloud area.

Besides catching up with family, we got to do some swimming in the pools, jet skiing, water skiing, video game playing, and my cousin and I played in a pickup ultimate game. A group of us went to the Orlando art museum. Mom and I went to “Star Wars: In Concert” at the Amway Center, where the Orlando Magic play.

"Star Wars: In Concert" Saturday, May 15, at the Amway Center, Orlando, Fla.