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We’ve signed everything we needed to sign, obtained keys and garage door openers, and now ready to shop for appliances, carpet, and paint!

We are heading over to the new house this evening to take some measurements for the appliances (need to make sure they fit in the utility closet).

I need to learn a little about pool maintenance also. The previous owner was in the business, and apparently we have an awesome mostly self-maintaining system. We only need to put in supplies once a month and the system does the rest (makes its own chlorine).

Still need to find a yard guy, but we did discover why the inspection came up with the sprinklers not working, there is a separate valve, and meter, for the sprinkler water that just needed turned on.

Yay, we are excited. We hope to move in by the 16th. We want to paint and get carpet laid before bringing all our stuff in.

School’s out

From the Courier:

The rubble that was the old Central School is sorted through by hand and backhoe Tuesday afternoon. A crew is seperating metal from the stonework in the heap. PHOTO BY ANN KLOSE/THE COURIER

In other Lincoln news: A new distribution warehouse is in talks to locate in town. It would bring about 250 jobs. Also, Wal-Mart is going to build a Super Wal-Mart next to the current Wal-Mart.

Limited movement

Friday I had an abnormal mole removed from my left back shoulder. Right on a bendy part.

I have to be very careful not to move my left arm too much, for fear of popping the stitches. I go back in on Friday to have the stitches removed, and finding a comfortable position is challenging.

So my Family doctor noticed the mole during a routine physical and sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist did a small biopsy and said it needed to be removed and sent me to a plastic surgeon. The first plastic surgeon visit was about a month ago, he told me that I would have a pretty large scar that would be noticed

..when you are in the club, and take off your shirt while dancing. People who don’t know what they are talking about will say that I did a bad job because it is such a noticeable scar. But they don’t know what they are talking about, this is the way the back heals because the skin is so thick.”

My other favorite quote during that first meeting, when he asked about my occupation, and I told him I was a computer geek. He said in a pitiful tone:

Well… we need those.”

As if I were a county coroner or local garbage collector (no offense intended, apparently we are in the same ‘necessary evil’ boat… it was just news to me).

Broke down, bought inferior for superior

Several years ago, when the current generation of video game consoles was being released, I stacked up the competition and made my choice. XBOX had the best overall design and technical prowess. 4 controller ports, no memory cards needed, network/Internet ready, dolby digital and all resolutions of HDTV.

Well, about a year ago, I added the gamecube to my collection, the number 2 system in my assessment. The reason, Ikaruga, a shooter made by one of my favorite developers, Treasure.

The least capable system of this gen, the PS2, was added to my collection last night. I resisted the sub-par juggernaut for years, and with the PS3, XBOX Next, and Nintendo Revolution on the horizon, why did I succumb in the 11th hour? Treasure again; Gradius V is pure bliss.

Back in the day, Lifeforce on NES was the 2-player Gradius, and Gradius V brings back the 2-player co-op play. According to reviewers, there are even some tunes and bosses brought into Gradius V from Lifeforce. I can’t wait, so far only through level 2!

Now I just need to get my brother down here so we can play the co-op!!

Searching for meaning

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This space for office use only. Mahalo!

Postcard came today. I read it right after I had taken the dogs out and my hands were about to fall off. So, to answer the question on the card … I think it probably is too cold

Threadless thread

I finally ordered a couple shirts from the Chicago-based THREADLESS the night before last. I’ve been meaning to for a while. The two shirts I ordered are “JC Was A Streaker” and “Squeaked.” Several I really like seem to be out of print whenever I check on them.

P.S. — I get points if you follow THIS LINK and buy a shirt, so if you do buy a shirt, do it via HERE, eh?

Julie and I went to mom’s choir/orchestra concert Sunday afternoon. The choir membership seems down a lot right now, so the sounded a little light. The orchestra seemed especially good. The cymbal rolls should have been louder, for sure.