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Re: The porch project

Julie took a couple pics of Josh and I working on the porch today. Josh still has to reconstruct, but I’ve got to go to work tomorrow. We did get the rotten floor joist replaced and the steps reattached before we called it a day.

porch0003Ripping the porch apart.

porch0006Still ripping the porch apart.
There’s the rotten joist by my right elbow.

Josh took this one for me:

darth vader ice creamThe ice cream truck drove by and we all got some ice cream.
I had to get the Darth Vader bar. It was berry good and berry blue.
Julie’s got the strawberry-banana bar there to the left.

Center, porch rot, Ephant Mon, lychees

We’re going to try a new park for this Thursday’s Ultimate practice. Check it out here then zoom back. We had a nice game tonight, though the heat was amplified by the humidity and lack of breeze. Heh.

Tomorrow I’m helping Josh take his porch apart, repair and reassemble … or as far as we can get, I assume.

Did I mention that I finally found someone to trade me for this figure?

Image hosted by

I was excited to find fresh lychees at Meijer this week. Yum! Six for $2 is a bit pricey for getting very often. Great treat, though.

Moving Castles

I’m still in Austin for training. Yesterday I spent most of the day working on lab exercises with some other students. We did grab lunch at Chuy’s Texmex and that was fun. At around 7 p.m. we called it a day and all went to go see “Howl’s Moving Castle.” As predictable as any Miyazaki film, in that it isn’t at all. I like the scarecrow, Turnip.

This morning I’m heading to a local church and then I’ll probably catch up on some regular work that I missed during training this week.

2 Ultimate pics

I got two photos from Michael Kilfoy of Studio X and posted them back here on the 6/1/05 post. I guess there’s a big version of one of them here, too. I don’t understand Blogger’s new image-uploading procedure (yet?) as well as the old one. 😦

Julie signed us up for Netflix and we just got the first three discs of Six Feet Under season three in the mail today.

I don’t like caulk

We couldn’t use the shower until today, after re-caulking several spots Monday afternoon. We gave it more time to set up than the directions called for, yet it looks like it didn’t set up enough. Grrr. I have a feeling that one of the leaky spots might be a gasket that’s gone bad and not the caulk. No idea where to get a replacement for that piece, though.

Thai one on

Planning to go to Magic Kitchen tomorrow night after Ultimate. We’re having a going away dinner for someone at work.

I got my hair cut by about 5 inches or so Tuesday moring. Not-so-good photo.

Monet has been getting along pretty good with Utini and Bindi lately.

Lone(ly) Star

I’m in Austin, TX, for some training. It stinks because I had to fly out Sunday and the classes don’t get started until 2 p.m. today. They had a last-minute change in schedule, but it was too late to change my travel arrangements. I have to stay here over the weekend too so I’m pretty bummed.

Last night I ate at Dave & Busters and got a $10 game card included with my meal. I played some VirtuaCop 3 and then went back to the hotel to finish some prerequisite material.

Today I ate at a local place, Pok-e-Jo’s BBQ, I like their banana pudding.