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E3 press conferences and What I’ll be buying

Right now, my favorite consoles to play (based on time I spend in a
given week playing) rank as XBOX 360 -> PS3 -> Wii 
However, I would rate the press conferences as Nintendo >
Microsoft > Sony … which kind of surprised me.

As of right now I predict I’ll buy:

New Super Mario Bros Wii, Metroid Other M, Crystal Bearers,
Complex, Crackdown 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 2
God of War 3 (I
changed my mind, its too graphic for me), The Last Guardian, Fat
Princess, and WipeoutHD Fury

10 Games shown in the primary press conferences I’m pretty sure I’ll
spend money on! I know there are other games out there too, like
Supreme Commander 2! Its going to be another great year!

Overdue update

Project Natal looks awesome.

I picked up Riddick for $39 at Best Buy. I never played it on the
original XBOX, I’ve been really impressed. The overall pacing is
perfect for me and the mix of action/stealth/freedom was a much better
ratio than Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell. Definitely recommended,
though it is mature title, I wish there was a content filter similar
to Gears of War where I could turn down the harsh language.

I’ve also been playing Red Alert 3 in co-op with my nephew. Its
better balanced than Command and Conquer 3 (not as difficult) and the
campy, over-the-top units and characters are a lot of fun. If you
enjoy strategy games, I’ve seen this going for as little as $30. It
offers more meat than Halo Wars if you’re ready for the next step
beyond that game.

On my iPhone its been all about Peggle and Flight Control.