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Flag captured


I spent last week in Phoenix. The weather was awesome, but the work was pretty grueling. I tried to accomplish a lot in four days, and didn’t finish everything I wanted to. Additionally, because of the last-minute confirmation, I didn’t have many choices in flights. I ended up on Airtran, routing through Atlanta. So I played a lot of my DS — Puzzle Quest primarily — for the 10 hours of travel Friday.

Yesterday, Emilie brought a bunch of high school / college kids to the house after church to play capture the flag. A good portion of them are from her Ultimate group. We had 20 participants and a really great time!

Jantina and Sassy are down in Orlando visiting friends, I’m anxious for them to return tomorrow.

Canabalistic Human Underground Dwellers

Managed to watch “The Descent” with Julie, Josh and Lisa Monday night towards the end of our shift. I don’t care for horror movies in general, but it turned out to be pretty good.

Went to mom’s choir and orchestra concert Sunday, then we went to First Wok.

Julie got through our taxes Saturday and Josh has been working on the gallery’s taxes today. Ick and ick.

The late-in-the-season frost has really messed with the shrubs, flowers and hostas in our yard. Bummer. I’m hoping some of them rebound, but who knows.

I think I’m almost caught up with all of Marvel’s Civil War comics, after falling behind on my reading.

Weekend demonstration


Friday, prior to the official Logan County Health Fair, our karate class participated in a preview of the event for the local community 5th graders. We had a great time, and Emilie was even in the Courier. On Saturday we had a great turn out, I saw Guido’s mom afterwards too 🙂

Here is a quick picture of Emilie, Kallie and I with Sensei:
Family wih Sensei

I posted a couple other pics of the entire class and the black belts.

This is a video of the event. The quality starts off bad for the first minute, not sure if I had a bad tape or something, but it gets better after that. Kind of small for the net, but you can still see some cool stuff!