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Theater in series

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Julie and I saw three movies in the theater this week. Unusual for us. Today, after lunch with friends, it was the new Indiana Jones movie; yesterday “Iron Man.”

Here’s a photo I took recently in the yard.

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purple iris
Iris, originally uploaded by utini.

Black Box

I’m working the Black Box a.k.a. Sun Modular Datacenter event in Minneapolis today and tomorrow. Today I gave tours and tomorrow I’m speaking on a variety of topics: Identity, VDI, and other software offerings.

Going downtown

Julie and I were about to head out the door, heading for Springfield to have some brunch when Cordova called asking for a ride. We stopped by and picked up Cordova and Ash, dropped them off in Springfield and headed downtown to Cafe Brio.

We had some trouble finding a parking place thanks to the Capitol Arts Fair going on. We would have like to go to that, too, if we’d have had more time. Cafe Brio was good, though the coffee was week. I had the Eggs Oscar and Julie had the french toast with pecans and blueberry syrup. I got stuffed … not great for just before my regular Sunday Ultimate pickup game.

The weather was pretty perfect and we had a decent turnout at Ultimate. We played a round of Ultimate Showdown before heading home. We gave Cordova and Ash a ride back to Jacksonville.

Julie and I watched “Live Free or Die Hard.” Josh loaned me his mower for tomorrow since I couldn’t get mine running this week. Mowing is on my to do list for tomorrow.


Working another trade show this week, this time it is local though. I’ll be at the St. Paul River Centre all-day Tuesday. It can make for a long day, but it is fun.

We watched a few movies this weekend, Iron Man was better than I expected, we both liked it. Cloverfield was fun too. I also rented Rainbow Six Vegas 2, I think all developers should do this for sequels; when I started a new game, it recognized that I played the first one, so it gave me rank recognition and unlocked some equipment right away. That whole “welcome back” package was appreciated.

I’ve also been working out every morning, 5:30 AM most days. Its been great, but I’ve noticed that I’ve been gaining weight since starting that, even though I’m not over eating … I have been drinking a lot more water though.

New places to eat:
French Meadow Cafe
Good Earth

Blessings on State

There’s a new bed and breakfast right around the corner from our house. Check it out at It looks pretty nice.

I’m slowly getting over the virus that gave me a fever of 103.4 on Tuesday.