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‘You’re not like any ephemeral I’ve met before’

Threw with Carlos on Saturday and had enough people show for a little Ultimate game Sunday. Whacked my head on the ground pretty good and got a handful of grass down my pants while diving for a disc today — caught it at least.

Hit Panera for a late lunch or early supper and picked up some foccia bread for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches for a dinner this week sometime. The picked up my subscription from the comic book store.

Started recording the Oscars, watched the rest of Black Books season one, watched some of the Oscars until we caught up to the live broadcast, then popped in Wonderfalls and watched the first episode of that, then finished watching the Oscars. Now I’m trying to watch this four-part Dr. Who.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” (1986) is out on DVD today — or soon. I’d like to see it again, if not buy a copy.

Snip snip … sniper?

I went in for my snip-snip but prepared as if I were a sniper!

That’s right, today I had a vasectomy. We prepared by buying an athletic supporter, having plenty of frozen ice packs, and the doctor provided a 10mg Diazepam tablet that I was to take 30 minutes before the operation. Again, video game knowledge to my aid, I immediately recognized the drug as that taken by “Snake” in Metal Gear Solid when he wants to have a steady hand for long distance head shots with the sniper rifle!

Well, I must say, my muscles were certainly relaxed.

The procedure was pretty quick, and less dramatic than my lip biopsy I posted about earlier. I didn’t pass out or anything, though I concentrated specifically on breathing 😉

I was done in about 15 minutes, provided pain pills, and sent on my way. I worked on Monday (normally a work Holiday) so that I could have today in addition to the weekend for relaxing and recovery. I plan on laying on the couch and playing video games all weekend.

So I hear

Today I heard a guy, initials J.P., who went to Illinois College here in Jacksonville was killed in action in Iraq a few days ago. DoD doesn’t have a release on it yet.

Last Friday I heard a local couple dropped some serious change at the Kennedy Auction. From

…three works by William Walton, an artist who was originally from Jacksonville, Ill., a close friend of the Kennedys, and a pivotal figure in the President’s victories in Wisconsin and West Virginia. Old State, which sold for $9,000; Statue of Andrew Jackson on Horseback, which brought $13,200; and The Benign Sign for JBK, which sold for $7,800, were all purchased by Connie and Vernon Massey of Jacksonville, Ill.
The Masseys noted that they bought the works by Walton because of “the connection between President Kennedy and Jacksonville, Illinois,” the hometown they share with the artist. The Masseys also attended Sotheby’s 1996 sale of The Estate of Mrs. Onassis where they purchased A Political Rally, also by Walton.

I posted a couple pages at NPD the other day.

Would you stop crying, please?

Bre’s question was the subject of a Poynter column today.

Keyboard test

The quick fox jumped over the lazy brown dog.

A beard with an idiot hanging off it

Manny: “Do you think I shuould wash my Beard?”

Bernard: “Yeah I do think you should wash your beard, … then shave it off, … nail it to a frisbee … and fling it over a rainbow.”

— “Black Books,” episode 4: The Big Lockout

I spent forever waiting for an oil change today. I guess everyone that doesn’t usually have Mondays off got all frisky and decided to take their car in today. I looked through Goodwill for the shirt I passed up last week and decided I really wanted after all. I coldn’t re-find it.

Julie came home sick from work. That never really happens. We ended up rewatching the first three episodes of “Black Books.” They were as good as we remembered. Yea.

Start your discs

Several people came out to throw the disc around Saturday. Melissa Cordova (see pic below) was home for the weekend and came out. It started snowing on us. — I’m heading over to Springfield to throw with folks over there if it doesn’t start raining first.