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FedEX fumbles again

So I was expecting a new office chair today and FedEX had it “on the vehicle for delivery” at 6:29 a.m. I anticipated an on-time delivery only to be disappointed yet again by the sub-par shipper.

At exactly 7:59 p.m. (one minute before they stop making deliveries) the driver logs “delivery exception” into the system. What makes it worse, is the holiday weekend puts the next possible delivery date on Tuesday night! I’m so mad, and the customer service rep provided no solution beyond offering, in his most sympathetic voice, “sorry the guy didn’t do his job”

I’m getting fed up with FedEx employees that don’t do their job.

I’ve lived this long without the chair. It is the shipper’s contentment with laziness and slacking standards that upsets me.

Penguin-enhanced, post-Christmas Fuzzycouch bonding

We can write in the third person: Guido and Troy got together today and shared holiday stories, watched “Napoleon Dynamite” outtakes, Star Wars fan film, and took odd photos. They ate Jantina’s fudge, Krispy Kreme donuts, pineapple pizza and assorted beverages (Guido’s favorite food). Troy received, from Guido, a Timex Sinclair 1000 computer, full user manual, RAM pack and three casette programs.


Mostly a reminder to myself:

  1. acoustic guitar
  2. coffee maker w/ thermal carafe, reusable filter
  3. 180° earmuffs
  4. several Star Wars ornaments
  5. comic book bags and boards
  6. electronic measuring tape
  7. Star Wars book (Bre)
  8. gift certificate (Copper)
  9. Simpsons desk calendar (Shirley)
  10. Ale 8-1 (Shirley)

Xmas wishes


THIS are not for the weak of stomach. More HERE under “Kringles.”

I was looking at the company Xmas card today and I found that of the 123 or so people who work at the same place I do, I don’t know about 84 of them.

Geeked out my stats

Check it


Under “troy’s links” on the left I put my last 5 Halo 2 matches 🙂

I hacked up lastRSS.php (not pretty at all) to pull my Death/Kill ratio, team score, and the hyper link to the details from Bungie’s RSS feed.

One thing that bugged was that the stats were all in a generic “description” tag. So I had to further parse and make sense of the data. What’s worse, is they had silly formatting in the data fields, grrr.

JJ-C for you and me

The Journal-Courier site is all up now at I’m still looking for all the bugs, but that’s probably an neverending battle.

Played a little Speed Scrabble last night with Clay, Leslie, Julie and Bre over at Bre and Copper’s. Bre drew me for Secret Santa and gave me a sweet book of Star Wars illustrations from Dark Horse. … and I was told there are some Jones Sodas on the way, too.

The night before that (Monday) we were over at Clay and Leslie’s for a little wedding party, since they just got married Wednesday. There was a pretty good turnout and pretty good punch.

Copper’s on vacation this week and Larry’s leaving after today, so I’m planning to be stressed out some more this week. Maybe I should just camp out under my desk for the duration.

‘He’s in the house, stupid’

One of my coworkers’ relatives was killed about a week ago in Iraq. Peoria did this story.

We did a little gift shopping today then saw “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” (L.S.A.S.O.U.E.). I liked it quite a bit.

The most annoying thing about it is the same thing I didn’t like about Harry Potter movies. The kids tend to not say anything about what they know. It’s like in a slasher movie when you want to yell at the screen “He’s in the house, stupid!”

Though a bit busy, overall it was a fun adventure and great looking. Not sickeningly sweet. I really like the look of the kids cast as Violet and Klaus Baudelaire and their costuming and such. And the animation at the end was really nice.