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Chocolate Nibs

Last Saturday Jantina and I drove to the Whole Foods (its a bit of a drive, we don’t go there often) and discovered they had a couple aged new york strips. I’ve not noticed aged beef in a grocery before, and was pretty excited. So we picked those up, and I also grabbed some dark chocolate that I saw on Diggnation, Kopali Cacao Nibs. It wasn’t as good as they went on about, but not bad. I preferred the Dagoba bar that was displayed next to them.

On Wednesday, I opened my MacBook Pro and the screen didn’t come on. The front light that usually indicates ‘sleep mode’ was glowing steadily. I tried several methods to wake it up, reboot, but it just wouldn’t come alive. I made an appointment with the Apple store for that night, they confirmed that it was a bad logic board, that the part was in stock, and the repair queue is short. So I left it there and received it back Friday night. All covered under warranty, only cost me a couple days without my computer.

We tried a couple new places to eat too. Down in Orlando, Jenn introduced Jantina to Pei Wei, a spin-off of P.F. Changs. We discovered we had one here, pretty much just around the corner from our place. It was really good, and about 4 dollars cheaper than P.F. Changs per dish. We also re-tried Redstone one afternoon. It is still overpriced, but the patio out back was nice with the mild weather we were having. We usually hit up Jake’s for the same reason, to sit outside, and it is more reasonably priced.

New places to Eat:
Pei Wei

A bucket of balls

My eyes swelled shut again from rubbing poison ivy in them Thursday. Must remember to stop doing that. I picked up medication Saturday, and the swelling went down a lot by Monday.

I attended a disc golf event Saturday — the annual Discraft Ace Race — where everyone just shoots for an ace (hole in one) on each hole. The one with the most aces wins. There were 22 holes and we played the course twice. No aces for me, unfortunately. I did have a few close ones.

Monday evening, Julie and I went out to dinner with Stephanie, who’s about to ship out to Ireland for the semester, Josh and Gavin. We also stopped by Beth’s and played a few songs on “Rock Band.”

Yesterday I got to hang out with Erin for most of the day. We got lunch at Cafe Brio, saw “Traitor,” played minature golf and hit a bucket of balls at the driving range at Knights Action Park, shopped a little for a new watch for her. Then I got some dinner at Panera Bread and took that home to sick-feeling Julie.

Today, I’m noticing some changes in Yahoo! Mail … a little redesign or something. The viewing of attachments seems a little different. And I just noticed that Picasa Web Albums got a redesign.