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Powering down

I had a new problem with my mobile phone last weekend. I had it in the special phone pouch in my Ultimate duffel bag for several hours before I looked at it to check the time, only to find it was powered down. It does that to keep from entirely depleting the battery. It had been almost fully charged when I looked at it that morning. It did this again once or twice on Sunday after I had a chance to charge the phone again.

My two guesses (as to what the problem is) include: (1) battery is dying, (2) buttons are sticking and causing the phone not to enter its power-save mode. I’m not sure how to test these out. Ideas?

While we were out and about in Lincoln on Monday we stopped in our cell provider’s shop where they immediately blamed the battery, which they don’t have in stock and can’t check to see if they can get one without sending someone a form. Bah!

So I ordered a new battery on eBay and tried giving the phone a good cleaning with rubbing alcohol. So far, no massive power loss. But I have a backup battery on the way, anyway.

Snow storm!

A couple of days ago, it really felt like spring here, in the upper-40s, sunny, all the snow was gone. Today we woke up to huge snowflakes and a well-coated environment. It looks like we are back to January all of a sudden.
Of course, Sassy is thrilled; she loves the snow 🙂

I’ll be heading to Lincoln next weekend. I have a karate event Friday night, visiting with the family on Saturday, church on Sunday, then fly back to Minneapolis.
Jantina will be in Oregon visiting her Mom, so at least I won’t be lonely that weekend.

We were late to the Battlestar Galactica party. We joined during the start of the third season, and once that wrapped we started renting the first season. This week, we finished the last disc of the second season and have started re-watching the third season. I think I like it more than Star Trek or Star Wars. It feels like one super-long movie with one complicated over-arching story … love it!

Sent with my voice via Jott:

Hey there, I am trying out a new way to post a blog entry from my cell phone and this is a test of that.

Jott ( turns your voice into email and text messages.

Shoulder tear update

Turns out that my shoulder pain is being caused by torn cartilage which caused a cyst right under a nerve. I start physical therapy today. Surgery seems likely, but I’ll have to wait and see. On the up side, it hasn’t been causing me as much pain this week.

Monitor replacement stalls out

Staples canceled my order because they ran out of the monitor. I nearly had the same monitor ordered directly from Dell, before my session timed out. I checked tonight and the sale seems to be over on Dell’s site. Staples’ Web site now says it’s available and on sale, so I’m attempting to order from them again. Maybe this order will get canceled, too, who knows.

Tonight, Josh, Julie and I hung the new art show at Noir with artist Jessica Price and her friend Rhett (who showed at the gallery in January). I bought fries and pies for everyone (that’s french fries and apple pies). With work during the day and the Gallery Hop tomorrow night, it’s going to be a long day.

I got the Noir site updated today, so you can see an example here.

My shoulder hasn’t been hurting quite as bad lately, but I see the specialist next week.

Travel update

I’m in the Charlotte airport … weather delayed my connection, so I have time to post. Also on the bright side, I just snagged a power outlet next to a seat at my gate 🙂
I’m just helping out with a one-day workshop, then I turn around and fly back home, so its no big deal.

When we were in Lincoln we had our taxes prepared. We lived in three states total, spanning two states for each of two employers, and sold a house (without having it two years). Everything turned out great though, we didn’t make any money on the home sale, so no capital gains.

We really enjoyed our visit in Lincoln. The highlight was visiting with family and playing Puerto Rico on Saturday nights. I also had a blast at karate and our outdoor winter training Friday.

This coming weekend, Mom and Dad are coming to Minneapolis. Dad has an event for work and we are making the most of it. We are going to celebrate our mutual wedding anniversaries at The Capital Grille on Saturday.

Next week I have training in Boston and I’m looking forward to it. It is an Identity Federation “bootcamp.”

Matsuri 2008

We went to Matsuri tonight. It’s a festival put on by the Japanese exchange students at Illinois College. Josh’s exchange student, Takayuki, was working a table with games. Stevew and Tiffany Wamowski’s student, Yo, was working at the table where they write your name for you in Japanese.

Our new monitor was supposed to arrive today, but it did not.