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It’s thinking

I thought this was a clever use of the RSS feed available from the XBOX developer’s network. My 360’s Blog. Basically a self-publishing blog from my Xbox 360’s perspective.

We were able to go out to dinner with Scott and Jamie last night. We hit up Macoroni Grill and then came back to our place for dessert over “American Idol.” We had a great time!

Jantina ordered a new dual-tuner Series 2 Tivo yesterday. If anyone is looking for a 40-hour single tuner Series 2 Tivo let me know.

Here are the recipes for the Burgers and Black Bean Smash that I mentioned in a previous post. I highly recommend them!

Stanley Cup 2006

Feelin’ pretty sore today, after two days packed with Ultimate. We won all but the championship game against Meddling Kids, so we took second place in the tourney. Mom and dad came up Saturday and watched one of our games. Here are a few pictures [link] but I was busy playing so much of the time that I didn’t get to take many.

Weekend w/ Pop

Friday, Jantina and I drove over to Tampa to pick up my dad. He was wrapping up a business meeting there this week. Being in Tampa, I had to run by Xtreme Juice to grab a smoothie for the trip home. We spent time visiting and ran by the mall at Festival Bay once we got back to Orlando.

Saturday morning we drove to Dundee, Fla., to take a tour of Davidson candy factory. We bought some pecan brittle, pecan rolls, and a couple types of marmalade. We heard about them on Food Network’s “Food Finds” and they are only an hour away, so we checked them out.

That evening, we ate dinner at Artist’s Point, I was excited to share that place with dad since Jantina and I enjoyed it so much on our anniversary. I tried buffalo this time, and it was really tasty.

After dinner, we drove downtown to Duel of Fools at SAK comedy club. It was a fun time; they always do a great job with improv there.

This morning we went to church and now I’m waiting for Jantina to finish whipping up southwestern burgers for a late lunch (yum).

Window let-down

The neighbors replaced all their windows this week. They had all their old storm windows sitting next to the house. I was wanting to ask them if I could they might fit my storm window tracks and if I could have a few if they did. I have a few messed up storm windows and I don’t know what to do about it. But I didn’t get around to it. Now the storm windows are all gone. Boo-hoo.

I had several people, including Matt, join my Frappr map ( over the last couple days. Did I send out an invitation that I didn’t know about?

I have an Ultimate tournament this weekend at ISU. My team, Torque (Spfld/Jax), is combining with the Peoria team, so we should have quite a big team.

Added a bunch of movies to the list that we were able to watch recently … mostly because of vacation, I guess.

Julie called Turin Brakes “my emo-y music” last night and I’m aghast. Help me out here … Turin Brakes is SO not emo. Do I like ANY emo? Maybe … though I think that’s beside the point here.

Vacation’s over

Going back to work today, after a nice week of vacation. I’ll try to put some pics on Flickr sometime, but I’ve only had time to upload one so far.

Some of the stuff we did:
Saw Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin (from a distance … not yet open for the season),
toured House on the Rock,
tried baked potato pizza (turned out to be pretty good),
toured a winery,
found a couple nice little shops and resturants (like Cafe Fiesta Fe),
wandered around Madison near the UW campus,
bought a new car (Toyota Matrix),
went to see Eisley in St. Louis,
went to the Venus Envy art show.

Directive 5220-22.M

A friend of mine is getting rid of his old computer. Just to make sure the next owner doesn’t have access to sensitive files, I ran a Department of Defense directive 5220-22.M compliant hard drive wipe on his system.

It didn’t take long to find a utility, but in case anyone else ever needs to wipe their data completely from a system before donating, selling, or trashing… check out Darik’s Boot and Nuke. It is open source, free, and I can verify that it works well.

The icons of Fuzzycouch

Check out the updated icons — now in official Fuzzycouch colors. We should make one for Brett, even though he has only posted once or twice. Troy was able to make one for Brett from a wedding photo.






Found out we couldn’t pick up the new car today, because the one the dealer had got in for us didn’t turn out to be the right one somehow. We were probably going to take it on vacation, but now we’re taking the Civic. And we’ll mess with the new car stuff next week or the week after.