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Meat feet

The colors were fading last night when I took the photo below. They were prettier Tuesday morning. I guess you can still see the swelling here. Usually, after Ultimate, my feet feel like hamburger, but now this one looks like a sausage, too.



Here’s the team I played with at the Cooler Classic this weekend (see photo below). Our record wasn’t so good, but I think all of our games were close. We just had a lot of plays where we couldn’t find the right rhythm.

I drove up with Carlos, Liz and Melissa in the Escort packed down with gear. It was a six-hour drive to Delafield, Wisconsin, where the campground is. It was raining so hard for a while that we couldn’t see the road — so that slowed us down. We got to the campground around 1 a.m. Saturday morning and jumped in Ben’s nine-person tent. It was pouring and the rain was puddling on the roof of the tent, so I’d get up and empty it every once in a while. Saturday night was beautiful, though.

2005-08-28 S.P.U.N.

I sprained my ankle on Sunday. Argh. The ice may have hurt more than the actual injury. I iced it right away, but my ankle is still swollen pretty big today.

2005-08-28 guido sprain


Last night I celebrated my 30th Birthday! We had Friday night Home Team at our place, so a lot of of my friends were able to celebrate with me, too! Jantina made two of my favorites, Beef Stroganoff, and for dessert, Banana Split Cake! I received a memory upgrade for my PowerBook as my birthday present a bit early. I’m up to one gig of RAM now. I’m having a left-over piece of cake for breakfast this morning, Yum!

Sweet Ultimate evening

We had some iffy weather earlier tonight, but the rain blew threw just in time for Ultimate over in Springfield. We had about 15 playersshow up and the game went well. Then 13 of us went out to eat at the Magic Kitchen.

Alyssa Escobar took this photo with my camera at practice and Eric Roach took this one with my camera at Magic Kitchen. As we were waiting, I had everyone try doing a jowler, or flapface, photo. Some of those came out pretty well. The jowlers are here.

Puppy shower

Sunday our friends threw us a puppy shower for Sassy! We ate a late lunch, opened presents, and swam in the pool for the afternoon… we had a blast! Sassy got all kinds of great toys and snacks. She played all day long and was so tired that she went right to sleep as soon as the festivities ended.

Cable overload

We got a new TV cabinet Monday at Ikea. Julie put it together yesterday while Josh helped me fix the porch steps. Last night I tackled the job of taking all the cables and wires out (see photo below), plus those in the DVD, TV and Tivo and then putting them all back in the right places — inside the new TV cabinet. Somehow, I succeeded.

Image hosted by

The porch steps are nearly done. I still have to put a few more screws in one spot, buy a board to replace one that split while we were disassembling.

Tonight we went to see “Pippin” at the Theatre in the Park at New Salem. Friends from Ultimate — Matt, Bridget and Ralph were in it. Sat with Allen, also from Ultimate, and we saw a former co-worker, Tammy Tabor, there, and college professor Dr. Jerry in the audience.

Jax Hat

The Jacksonville Ultimate tournament went really well. I haven’t really heard any complaints. The weather turned out much better than expected — overcast all morning and sunny in the afternoon.

We had a final head count of 64 players, plus at least 4 helpers including Jen Contrino, Julie Slater, Alyssa Escobar and Teri, and a half-dozen spectators. Thanks to all who helped out and to all who came out to play. Thanks to Jimmy John’s and Red bull for the edibles, Bruce Surratt and his crew for mowing, and filling holes at Foreman’s Grove and Kiwanis Park, Larry Rowe for taking tons of photos for us, and my co-organizer Melissa Cordova, who is awesome.

Jax Hat Ultimate Tournament Results
1. Mental Tentacles (5 wins)
2. Badonkadonks (4 wins)
3. Mighty Robo Super Force Hammer Squad Go! (2 wins)
4. Suicide Scoobers (2 wins)
5. Layout Prophets (1 win)
6. Disc Floaty Bubbles (1 win)

Image hosted by
There are some pics posted, like the one above of Mike L’hommedieu from Mental Tentacles, posted at Corn_n_Disc. Look for the Jax Hat 2005 folder in the photos section (you have to sign up as member of the group).

And Here are some photos by Vincent Tabor.

Larry Rowe’s photos at

Here’s a series from Larry Rowe in animated gif form: