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Something’s missing here

Julie opened a container of fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt at work today to find it was filled to the top with the fruit mixture and totally devoid of yogurt. She said she tried it, but it was too sweet, “like eating pie filling, straight.”

She brought it home to show me and because we have a big tub of plain yogurt we can mix it with. Perhaps I’ll write or call the company if the have a consumer hotline.

‘Playing with the Past’

Saw these bands (below) last night in Edinburgh at a show called “Playing with the Past.” Here’s some info about the three bands:

eagleowl — eagleowl believe in doing things right, rather than doing things fast. A ragbag of instruments (violin, ukulele, double bass, electric guitar, harmonium, glockenspiel, mandolin…) and influences – blending the traditional with the experimental to create a lush, emotional soundscape.

FOUND — A local experimental pop band. Their music moves between many different styles, giving nods to the past while looking forward. Live, they often fuse acoustic instrumentation with electronic manipulation. They have been known to craft their own weird and sometimes wonderful instruments in the pursuit of the new sound.

Meursault — Meursault combine scratchy electronics with traditional instrumentation and introspective lyricism. The music has a rhythm that drives it on through everything as if, even in heartbreak, it has somewhere very urgent to go.

Thieves at my doorstep

My fairly junky mountain bike was stolen Aug. 3 or 4 when we were visiting the folks in Lincoln. I know I shouldn’t have left it sitting on the front porch. I sort of thought it was crappy enough of a bike that nobody would take it. I need to dig the backup bike out of the basement and see if it is roadworthy. I have yet to file a police report, too. I probably should.

Approximately what the stolen bike looks like.

Approximately what the stolen bike looks like.