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Tired of this

Found out I probably blew a belt in my tire. The car started freaking out on me Friday while I was running an errand — sounded like I had an off-balance washing machine instead of a rear tire. That recent loaded-down trip to Arkansas probably didn’t help.

Follow up editorial on that story I mentioned recently:

Student journalist arrested while recording video of a campus police officer

It sounds like the charges were dropped after authorities saw the video.

We made it after all

Ahh, we made it to my parents’ Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night. Whew. I’m full.

I got up at 5:15 a.m. this morning to que up before the store opened and then buy two “door-busters.” A 160GB hard drive ($40) — to replace my 13GB hard drive — and a 256 USB thumb drive ($10). Now I just have to install that dude and apply for the rebates.

I also picked up some wireless headphones at lunch today for use at work, where I’m always rolling away and yanking the cord on my current headphones where are all but destroyed. Hope they work OK. I don’t like that they require batteries, but maybe they won’t burn through ’em.

Flake out

Julie and I were going to drive up to Mom and Dad’s tonight, but I think we might have gotten snowed in. Hopefully we can go in the morning if we can’t get on the road tonight. The snow was falling in huge clumps and was quite wet. People have been sliding into ditches and into poles all day.

The picture above is our seven or eight foot lilac bush. The snow was so wet and heavy that there were tons of bushes and trees all bent over like this one. It was also clinging to the trees and power lines and stuff, like it is to the phone line in the background.

Just last night I was outside running around, playing Night Ultimate with a light-up LED disc, glow sticks, glow bracelets and so forth. It was overcast all day, but still relatively nice. The temp erature must have dropped 20 degrees.

Happy Thanksgiving !

We are going over to Christopher and Toni’s for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Jim and Jenn, Jenn’s parents, and one of Toni’s co-workers will be over also. We are all pitching in with different dishes and also plan on watching Star Wars Episodes I & II. During the last hurricane, we initiated Christopher to the Star Wars universe with a marathon viewing of IV,V,VI ….it was his first time ever!

I’ve not had to travel too much in the last couple of weeks (only 2 days). I’m working on a pretty stressful project nonetheless. At least it doesn’t require me to be onsite all week, each week. I’m happy that the flight is only an hour and a half to Atlanta … and much warmer than Philadelphia was, which is nice.

We’ve seen ‘ The Incredibles ‘ twice at the theater now. We really liked it 🙂

Halo 2 is a blast…. my stats are available over at and they also provide an RSS feed. I’d like to muddle around with writing an XSLT to display a summary on fuzzycouch eventually.

Soaring numbers

We had a surprise good turnout at Ultimate yesterday. On top of the good turnout, two cars full of people we didn’t know showed up and wanted to play. We had a total of around 23 people playing. Here’s a couple action shots:

Jim (in the grey shorts) actually came down with that one.

Liz and Colin stretch for the disc.

Operation: Glowsticks

5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 23: Line the field up with glowsticks (or LED lights) and commence the first J’ville Night Ultimate game. The only requirement is to buy the glowsticks yourself at the Dollar Tree or elsewhere — stick with blue and orange — bring your friends, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, dogs. It’ll be a fun time! Hershey Bar trophy.

Community Park soccer fields. We have a light-up disc. Bring glow sticks or glow necklaces and braclets.


The EMI CD delete sale was held Thursday and Friday this week. Here’s what Julie and I found:

01 The Thrills, “So Much for the City”

02 Ben Harper, “Diamonds on the Inside”

03 Blue Note plays The Beatles

04 Starsailor, “Silence is Easy”

05 Liz Phair, “Exile in Guyville”

06 Heart, “Dreamboat Annie”

07 David Bowie, “Best of David Bowie” [2 discs]

08 Coldplay live 2004 DVD [2 discs]

09 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Pary, “Body and Soul”

10 Aaron Sprinkle, “Lackluster”

11 Fountains of Wayne, “Welcome Interstate Managers”

12 Soundtrack to “Thirteen”

13 Monty Python, “The Final Cut” [2 discs]

14 Crowded House [DVD audio]

15 Beastie Boys videos [2-DVD set]

Now guess how much all that cost.

OK, after the delete sale, we went out to the car, and found this parked next to my car. See pic.

I found a dollar bill with WHERE’S GEORGE on it, so I logged it.