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Vacation: Turkey

Julie and I went to Istanbul, Turkey, for about 11 days, from the evening of June 19 to early in the morning July 2. We stayed with our friend Sean in the Şişli neighborhood.

We toured some historic sights like the Aya Sofia, Chora Church, Topkapi Palace, and the Basilica Cistern. We rented a boat and went up the Bosphorus one afternoon, swimming and hanging out. We walked through the Grand Bazaar and shopped in the Spice Bazaar a little bit. We took a ferry to the Asian side of the city and had dinner and drinks there. We played board games and danced at a gay bar and watched a couple of the Euro2012 soccer games.

I played Ultimate twice; one pickup game, one team practice (Turk Kasi).

… lots of stuff.