I love technology


First week of the new job! I think I’m all set up with network access, e-mail, phone, business cards, etc. Also, my new work machine is a MacBook Pro (very happy with that).

I setup a Solaris VM on my MacBook Pro with the help of VMware Fusion. It was pretty straightforward.

The TwitterSync application for Facebook updates one’s status automatically. The official Twitter Facebook app always prepends “twittering:”. I already write my “tweets” in a “facebook voice” so that the “Troy is” already works. TwitterSync makes that prefix optional.

Facebook has RSS? Cool. I subscribe to Digg, Joystiq, and several blogs with Thunderbird. I think I’ll like getting Facebook updates that way too.

I also bought an iPhone. Love it. These are my favorite third-party apps: Fandango, Facebook, Twitter on Thincloud, Digg.

Travis and Grace came down the last two weekends. We played some Diablo II (fan-created Eastern Sun mod) and Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

But not as much as you

3 responses to “I love technology”

  1. guido says :

    I have been using http://twitterfeed.com/ to feed my Facebook status updates to Twitter instead of the other way around.I’m feeding my Fuzzycouch posts that way, too.Think I should change that for some reason and use Twittersync instead?

  2. Troy says :

    hmm.. I guess that works. I just think of it the other way around since the only thing twitter does is status .. and its status can be pulled into other places.It is interesting that you use facebook as a portal to push OUT your data. Whereas I think of facebook as an aggregator of all my data located elsewhere. Like flickr, fuzzycouch, twitter I have facebok pull that all IN.

  3. guido says :

    I have FB pull Flickr, Fuzzycouch, Netflix in, too. It’s just that I didn’t like the Facebook Twitter app you had found first, so I found twitterfeed worked more the way I wanted.I do like the sound of this new app you’re using, though.Say, do you think we could set up a way that we could both receive e-mail notifications of Fuzzycouch comments? Right now I think I’m the only one that can receive them.

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