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Dad’s retiring

Today is Dad’s last day of work before his official retirement. He and Mom are heading to Colorado for my cousin Andrew’s wedding next week (on 07-07-07). We have an art show opening at Noir next Friday night.



Jantina Troy & Scott J. Dancing on the Tables at Opa'sand I spent the weekend in Miami celebrating Hannah’s 1st birthday. I landed at 6:30 Friday, the gang picked me up and we went straight to Taverna Opa’s for dinner. Opa’s is a very loud greek place with throwing of napkins, dancing on tables, and tasty lamb kabobs. After dinner, we walked down to a gelato place and visited.

On Saturday, Jamie’s mom provided breakfast for us at her place and then we started setting up for the birthday party at Jamie’s dad’s place. Jantina prepared Scott H. and Hannaha pink & white polka dot strawberry cake for Hannah to smash, lemon-licious cupcakes, and a decadent chocolate raspberry cake (which after one bite, Jamie was so overwhelmed with indulgent exuberance she immediately sought out Jantina to express her appreciation).

Sunday we all went to Fellowship Miami, ate lunch at “the Hanger”, and then I caught my flight home. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone, it was such a great weekend!


Picked up my comics subscription last night after our regular Ultimate game. I’m so behind on reading comics that I’m trying to figure out which books to cut from my subscription list. I settled on Uncanny Xmen and might drop Xmen as well. The difficult part is that high-profile books like those often have good artists and writers.

I ended up adding Thor to my list, as it’s about to relaunch with a great creative team: writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Olivier Coipel. [Link]


Yesterday, Julie and I met Josh and Mr. Jeeto for lunch at Garden of Eat’n, across the street from the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. I had the Forbidden Fruit Salad with strawberry vinaigrette and the Greek Wrap. Ran into Tammy, who I used to work with, and she said the restaurant was one of her favorites.

After lunch and checking out a couple downtown shops, Julie and I went to see “Spider-Man 3” (and it’s been added to my list — and I’m up to 32 movies for the year).

Two folk-punk guys from Lawrence, Kansas, played at Noir last night, and we hung out with them, Jim and Britta at Josh’s for a bit last night after the show.

Travel notes

I’m taking some notes on some places we’ve visited. It’s almost funny how many of these places have Web sites:

Stayed here:

Ate here:
Blue Moon ice cream at Kilwins of Saugatuck (There are two, across the street from each other.)

Went to several galleries including:
Bruce Baughman Gallery
Water Street Gallery

Good Goods
Button Gallery
De Graaf gallery
Discovery Art Center
Constance Petter Gallery
James Brandess Gallery

Made a mosiac at:
express yourself art barn

Went to a movie at:
Lakeshore Arts Alliance’s Film Studies Program at The Red Barn.



Jantina and I saw “Spider-Man 3” this weekend. I thought it was good … much better than Pirates 3 which we saw the prior weekend.

My dad pointed out to me this nugget from The Courier: A guy from Lincoln, IL, won a Marvel contest back in 1982. His idea was Spidey’s black suit and Marvel paid him $220 for it. Small world, eh?

All moved in


This week we finally finished all of our big projects and are settled into our new home.

Front Yard: Click For More Photos
click for more

We painted every room, took down wallpaper in most of them, had all the carpets and the air ducts cleaned thoroughly (previous owners had a cat, and I’m allergic), several grounded outlets were added, mirrors hung, removed an overhead cabinet in the kitchen to open it up to the family room, hung the TV and created a media closet from part of the pantry, ran surround sound in the attic for my office and family room, and a handful of general repairs completed (sink stopper, roof truss, basement stair railing, etc), and lots more I’m forgetting I’m sure.