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Home remodel

Back in February, right after our ski trip to Cascade, we received a phone call from our family in Lincoln that our home had water in it again! I’d installed 3 sump pumps (Main, battery-powered backup, and water-powered backup for the backup), but this time the water wasn’t coming from the outside. During a particularly cold day, the water inside the washing machine froze, and broke something inside of it that apparently didn’t have enough “give”. When the ice thawed, water came in through this broken part in the washer, filled its cavity, and then spilled out onto the laundry room floor. It continued flowing into the family room and onto flooding the kitchen. It soaked through the floor, the sub-floor, and into the basement. Drywall, ceilings, flooring, roughly 65% of our home was ruined.

The good news, was that our insurance covered the damage AND that we had already been saving up to do a Kitchen remodel for a few years (we actually started saving while we were living in Kissimmee, originally we wanted to remodel that kitchen).

Jantina posted a bunch of photos on Shutterfly, but these are a few before-and-after photos for the kitchen. All of the other rooms were basically put back the way they were before the damage, and we spent extra to complete the Kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Remodel, before and after, view of sink
The old sink, faucet, counter top, cabinets, and flooring compared to new.

Kitchen Remodel, before and after, view from family room
The flooring: we upgraded from carpeting in the family room and laminate in the kitchen to continuous hardwood throughout both. We removed the soffit and took the cabinets all the way to the ceiling. We also removed the wall on the left, and added a wall on the right.

Kitchen Remodel, during
One of the many “scary” pictures where things got a lot worse before they started to get better.

We still have items on our to-do list; we need to purchase hardware for the cabinets, replace/upgrade the appliances, and add the backsplash. We are thrilled to have walls, ceilings, and floors again!

Web comics to explore

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