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‘It’s on’

We went over to Josh and Amanda’s tonight for decorating and pumpkin carving. They have their front yard all done up for Halloween, and they had some extra pumpkins for Julie and I to carve. I also drew a pretty snazzy tombstone, which I don’t have a photo of. But anyway, check out this message and photo from Josh:

Guido, Julie, Amanda, Gavin & I spent the better part of last night wrapping up our holiday decorations and ended up with, what I humbly assume, are the best carved pumpkins EVER.

Julie’s, Josh’s, Amanda’s, Guido’s.

Life change … now!

Last week I went to Santa Clara for training again. This time it was only a three-day class. Weather was awesome and I learned some neat stuff.

That Monday, I received a call from a company I was interviewing with and verbally given the job! I returned to the classroom to check my e-mail and had the offer letter. I provided a verbal acceptance, and then e-mailed my boss to give my two-weeks notice. The 31st will be my first day at the new company. The position still has a lot of traveling, but should be reduced to the D.C. area for the most part. Yay!

This Thursday, my current boss is coming to town to pick up my laptop, badge, and sign final papers. Such a quick transition after four years in the same place.

Thin and trim

I tried to prepare myself for what the trees and yard would look like after the tree trimmers got done, but it looks so drastically different. I didn’t even know they were going to show up today, but they did without warning. (They told me it would be a week or two.) But now it looks really open. They raised the bottom of the trees and pulled them all back away from the house. Take that squirrels.

I was kinda surprised that the tree people raked the leaves and took all the limbs and stuff that were lying around the yard. That’s why I get to pay the big bucks, I guess.

Check out them fit and trim trees.

I’ve added a few movies to my watched list lately. Still seems like Troy and I are staying around the same number, last I checked. Kinda strange.

We took Utini and Bindi over to Springfield to visit with Julie’s mom this evening. We went out to a park for a walk then got some dinner, before a groceries run.


Not enough ninja

There just aren’t enough ninja action figures around. I’d likely buy more if they were available. Just last night, I picked up the new 9-inch Sigma 6 Storm Shadow. And last week I bought the 9-inch Sigma 6 Snake Eyes.

Distinguished guest

Went to the Illinois Press Association awards luncheon today at the Hilton in downtown Springfield. The main speaker was the Honerable Senator Barack Obama. The paper picked up several awards. During the morning hours, I took part in a little seminar/workshop thing.

While speaking to a roomful of newspaper executives, Obama praised news coverage of Hurricane Katrina, calling it “one of the media’s better moments.” — AP story

Look. I’ve been declared a newspaper executive now. That or they meant a roomful of newspaper executives and Guido.

Here’s my rendering of how I saw it go down. There were obviously other people around, too. I’m just too lazy to draw them all in. But I had a nice clear view right up the aisle, anyway.

Torque’s debut

I went with the Springfield-Jacksonville Ultimate team, Torque, to Western Illinois University’s tournament this weekend. Torque seems to have taken third place behind the University of Iowa and Buff from Bradley University.

I forgot to take my camera, but Roger Hanlon took a bunch and I found this photo of me (above) from Saturday.

Hello, world

Just thought I’d drop in after an extended absence. Mandy and I have been working a lot on the house, as usual, and getting used the the new town. I am finally relaxed in the small town here. It is right next to the big town, so I can get my fix of things to do and interesting foods. I do like knowing my neighbors and feeling safe. No loud cars or busses on my street, tiny yard, crazy neighbors — basically, out of the hood.

We’re gearing up for the inagural road trip in the Volvo to Chicago. This will be the first long trip which won’t be in the civic. Comfort and silence, who could ask for more? We had a hitch put on it so now it is super-cool.

We had to have a new roof put on the house. The old one leaked and it was 20+ years old. The new one looks sharp. If anyone needs advice on shingles, send a note. I don’t want to waste my three years in the asphalt shingle industry on chosing my own shingles once or twice in my life.

I head back to Aisa at the end of the month. This time it is the Korea, China, Taiwan trifecta. This will be my first time in China, so I’m looking forward to having some fun in Shanghai. I have a new commercialization project for a notebook market film.

I’ll be in Lincoln for Christmas. Probably won’t stay too long, maybe till Wednesday or Thursday.

Family domain

I kept considering registering, but never did it. Then, this week, I noticed that my cousin Andrew registered it. He set me up with a redirect for and guido [at] e-mail address, though. Nifty!

I posted a recent Fling page on NewsPageDesigner, if I didn’t already mention it.

Home warranty is cool

Last week, Jantina noticed that the carpet was wet by the table. One of the metal chairs’ legs was showing some signs of rust. When we purchased the home, we had the seller include a home warranty, so we called the warranty number and explained the wetness. They sent an inspector, who discovered that the air conditioner was leaking Freon, and that the unit itself was rusting. They submitted the paperwork and five days later, they installed a new unit! Other than several hours today of being without air as they installed it, and a nominal $250 labor charge … all was taken care of through the warranty!

So, make sure if you buy a house, to get a warranty!

Cowboy ninja

Well, it’s officially October and officially fall. I found a picture of me in my halloween costume from several years ago — maybe 2002. I was a cowboy ninja. We’re waiting around for everyone to get ready to go to the party at Harvest Moon in Fayetteville, Ark., in this photo.

If I need a costume, I still have my Ghostbuster outfit that I put together last year and didn’t get to use because I got sick and missed the party. This year, our college homecoming is on halloween weekend, so I won’t be going to Harvest Moon. Not sure if I’ll use the costume this year, or not.

I haven’t carved a pumpkin in a while, either. Maybe I’ll get around to that sometime this month, too.