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Drink rendezvous

Sean Cox went with me to Springfield pick up our delivery of beverages for the art gallery today. Then we play 18 holes at the Douglas Park disc golf course. We grabbed lunch at Monty’s and headed back to put the drinks in the fridge.

The gallery’s friends and family night is 5-9 p.m. tonight. The grand opening is next Friday night.

Evening news: SO ILL

Ultimate video from SO ILL tournament

Benda e-mailed: “River Region did a piece on us. Frenchy give an interview that makes him look funny, and Aaron and Corey eat burgers! Biff throws and some sweet layouts.”


Heading to Carbondale tonight, hoping we don’t get all the thunderstorms in the forecast. I’m playing in SIU’s Ultimate tournament Saturday and Sunday. We probably don’t have enough subs, so wish us luck.

UPDATE: We started out Saturday with seven players. We also got drenched Saturday, but luckily it wasn’t any cooler than it was or we would have been miserable and probably sick. Liz showed up a little late, then T.J. and Alan came at the end of our second game, putting us up to 10 players. We won our three games on Saturday (two byes for some reason).

Sunday, we were down to two subs. We won our first game on Sunday (first-round bye) then played WIU Mass Hysteria and lost 10-13. Good game. A couple people had to leave after that game, so we didn’t get to play the game for third/fourth place, so we took fourth place by default. We were scheduled to play Marryville, a team we beat in our first game Saturday. Bummer. They were looking forward to the rematch, too.


Feeling sickly today and couldn’t seem to sleep well last night. Lots of tossing and turning and getting up.

Yesterday was event-filled. I got up early and took the edge sander back to the rental place, then went to the gallery and Sean Cox met me there, and together we put a second coat of polyurethane on the floor. I took a quick nap, mowed the lawn, went for a 2-mile run with Sean (that was quite horrible — I don’t like running), then Julie and Amanda put a third coat on the floor.

Saturday was Matt and Bridget’s wedding. I took these mugs of the Ultimate team people while we all dressed up. I somehow forgot to get ones of Matt, Bridget and Tade.

The poison ivy (or poison oak or whatever) that I got into Sept. 8 is starting to go away. Yea!

Movie list

I just added “The Sting” to my list of movies watched in 2006. I’m up to 45. That’s a movie every 5.8 days.

I cataloged a big backlog of comics last night as we watched “Project Runway” then read “The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive” No. 1-3. I really don’t care for the artwork, except the fill-in artist on No. 3 was great.

Get a load of this story in the Courier. $7 million spent on project, just to leave them unused.

What’s in my bag

What’s in my bag
Originally uploaded by utini.

This was a fun little project. Here’s what the “What’s in your bag” group gives for guidelines.

“The ideal ‘what’s in your bag’ photo will have the contents of your bag spread out and the bag itself with notes. Lots and lots of notes.”

If you try it, let me know.