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2006 Eigsti Reunion

2006 Eigsti Reunion
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Went to a big family reunion this past weekend up in Flanagan, Illinois. Eigsti is my grandma Strotheide’s maiden name, so the reunion included my great-aunts and their families. Many of the Strotheides have spread out so far that it’s tough for us all to get together, so it was great to see so many of them at this reunion.

Here’s a photo (right) of one of the games set up for the kids. It was a relay in which the kids tried to fill up their team’s cup with water. Of course the cup was being held on someone’s forehead, for good measure.

It wasn’t that close to my Grandma Strotheide’s birthday, but since everyone was around, they got her a big cake for her 90th birthday.

Julie didn’t get to go this time. She was busy moving her mom to Lexington, Ken., and driving back.

An almost mini-vacation

We went to Fort Lauderdale this weekend, I needed a few additional nights this month to qualify for Hilton Diamond status. Once you get Diamond, it lasts for a year, and I had the points to stay the nights free, so that was the catalyst. We took Sassy with us, paid a little extra to have her in the room too. Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that she was not as content to be left in a strange hotel room as she is to be left at home. She barked and scratched at the door as soon as we tried to leave. We waited a while but she didn’t stop. We decided to take her to a park, see if we could tire her out a bit. But the same routine started again once we tried to leave her alone. We packed up and drove back home. Now we know, we will definitely need to find boarding for her when planning a trip. We still enjoyed the day trip and once we got home we started watching the 4400 first season on DVD.

Out of my element

I’m the Dude.
So that’s what you call me.

Julie and I, along with Josh and Amanda, went to John and Kate’s “Big Lebowski” party last night.

I dressed as Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski.

John was Jackie Treehorn.

Josh was Nihilist No. 3 (aka Franz).

Amanda was Nihilist Woman (aka Franz’ girlfriend).

Kate was Maude Lebowski.

Julie was a bowler.

There was a checker from Ralph’s, a Jesus Quintana, and some other bowlers.


We went to see “Pericles” (a Romance with a plot reminiscent Homer’s Odyssey)
Sunday at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.

I enjoyed it, though it was seriously hot and humid all day, making an outdoor theater experience more difficult to enjoy. Our tradition for going to the festival includes taking a picnic, but it was so hot that we ate the picnic stuff at home.

I did have to skip Ultimate to go, though it would have been fairly miserable.

YNOT, you ask?

Yesterday, I led the Ultimate club as we volunteered at a Springfield summer day camp called YNOT Outdoors. Eight or nine people from our club came and we were there for a couple hours.

First we set up a full-sized field and played three quick points, so they could see what Ultimate is. Then I talked briefly about throws and then we all spread out and had the kids — around 50 of them — practice throwing. That’s when Tom got his picture taken (see right).

Then I told them a little about the rules of Ultimate. We then formed to groups and attempted to play. The camp director said he thought it went well.

Deals abound

Matt and Bridget found a dozen Star Wars glasses at a garage sale on Saturday, and picked them up for me. I recently designed some wedding invitations for them and so I suggested making the glasses my payment for the invitations. A good deal for both parties, I think.

Had lunch with Josh, Amanda and Mr. Jeeto in Springfield today. We tried Tea Thyme, right across the street from the Abraham Lincoln Museum. Then we had desert at Coldstone Creamery. Got way filled up, which isn’t really a good idea right before all the running around at practice.

Julie found a couple cheap shirts for me while out shopping today. Then when we went to the sporting goods store together, we found cleats were on clearance, so I bought three pair for under $50. That’s including the model I’ve been meaning to get.

Nike Volant FG, Nike Total 90 (Air Zoom 90 III), Adidas Liera 2 TRX FG

I’m supposed to lead our club in teaching around 40 summer campers how to play Ultimate at 1 p.m. today, so I better get to bed.

Troy was here

Troy at Brickhouse Barbecue in
Jacksonville, Ill., Wednesday, July 5, 2006.

Guido and Troy in Jacksonville, Ill.,
Wednesday, July 5, 2006.

Troy did come to Jacksonville on Wednesday, July 5, as planned.

I took a long lunch and we went to the fairly new Brickhouse Barbecue resturant, right on the square. We talked and enjoyed our nachos and barbecue and sweet potato fries.

Julie and Amanda happened to come in for lunch a l ittle while after us, though they didn’t join us at our table.

After lunch, Troy and I walked around the downtown area and checked out the recently-painted murals. I showed Troy around the office a bit and we took a quick photo by the nasty sink in the old darkroom.

Troy told me a little about the juice/supplement he’s gotten involved with.

Fuzzy Couch brunch

Troy is planning to drive down to Jacksonville tomorrow. We’re planning to have lunch or brunch at one of the downtown resturants — maybe Brickhouse Barbecue, maybe Due Gatti Coffe House, maybe Muggsy’s Fine Dining. I’m going to let Troy decide.