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Too P.C., or not too P.C.

A local man said, in a letter to the editor this week, that he objected to the the word “crippled” used in a story recently. The exact phrase used, as part of a list of those injured in the automobile accident, was, “… a 16-year-old girl was permanently crippled …” in the accident, and the story explained later that she remains a paraplegic. Read the whole column on the subject at The Journal-Courier Website and take the little poll there, too.

OK, the poll is gone from the Journal-Courier site now, but here were the questions:

(Questions 1-4 rate from 0-5 with 0 being “not at all” and 5 being “very”; question 5 is a yes and no.)
1) The sentence, “She is a cripple,” is insulting.
2) The sentence, “She was crippled in an automobile accident,” is insulting.
3) The phrase “hearing impaired” is insulting.
4) The consensus of people with certain qualities or attributes (among them race, gender, religion or disabilities) should be the major factor in deciding which words and images should be used about those qualities.
5) I have such an attribute (race, gender, religion, disabilities, etc.).

I give, I give

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Fuzzy Couchers, Ethan, Josie, … who else reads this thing?

Slow, steady wins the meal

We’re heading to my parents’ tonight. Looking forward to WAY too much food tomorrow. I’ll try to pace myself. Must save room for pie.

I found the ads that are going to be in the paper tomorrow morning. I couldn’t find anything I had to have. I didn’t see Best Buy’s ad yet, though. Who else would have good sales Friday?

November Vacation

I took this week off. My brother is coming to see me tonight and staying through Thanksgiving. We plan on hitting the early morning sales on Friday, especially looking forward to whatever Best Buy may have. This will be a treat for my brother because last year he had to wait in the early morning freezing weather outside Best Buy in Illinois, this year it will be a mild 60-70 degrees that early 🙂

I’ve been playing the Beta Steel Battalion. It is pretty neat, though the limited number of people in the beta test makes it a little bit hard to find a game. A lot of people from Japan playing when I am on which is interesting because the XBOX isn’t doing as well over there as it is here (market share wise). I guess they really like SB though.

I started Christmas shopping yesterday … way late for me. Very frustrating trying to find specific things and even harder figuring out what to buy people 😦 But I did get a dent in it. Still trying to figure out if I will pack the presents in my luggage to bring them home or if I will ship them home ahead of me.

Does not compute

I’m having computer problems. I’ve looked at a bunch of resources for dealing with Win98 hanging during startup, involving Msgsrv32. The problem is it could be a lot of things causing it to hang. Msgsrv32 not responding is just a symptom of whatever it is. I stayed up late working on it last night and, for a while, I made it worse. I uninstalled some programs. I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton Antivirus.

I did find that the hanging problem doesn’t happen when I keep programs from starting up at Windows startup (using msonfig). I’ll probably have to try one program at a time to see if I can narrow it down to just one that’s causing a problem. Now, as soon as I figure this out, I can start trying to figure the shutdown problem. Actually, it might be related. But then again it might not.

Options dwindle

Now one of the three video rental places — which is also one of the three places that carries used CDs — is closing in three weeks. This economy is starting to bring me down. Some good news is that someone bought the grocery store that closed several weeks ago. I’m not sure what they have planned for it, but I’m expecting a grocery store to open there eventually.

Check ’em out

I posted a few new pages to my News Page Designer portfolio page over the past few days. Check them out if you please.