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Buns on fire

URGENT SAFETY NOTICE Regarding Ice Box Rolls Recipe in the April Issue of Southern Living Magazine: Potential fire and safety hazard. Do not use the Icebox Rolls recipe. Combining the water and shortening as described in the recipe may cause the mixture to ignite.

Eyes are no go

Sad news … Jantina went to Miami this week to see an eye specialist. We were investigating Lasik surgery because her eyes have gotten progressively worse over the years. We found out today that she cannot do the procedure because 1) she had arthritis as a child (and continues today) and 2) she doesn’t heal well in general. So we are really, really disappointed in that. But we are glad we didn’t go to some mall joint that would have done it regardless… and the possibility of then going blind.

I am flying home tonight and then traveling to Miami on Friday to meet Jantina and our friends that are there. We plan on spending the weekend down there. I’ve never been before, so should be new and fun!

Fun with Web stats

New stats thingy shows that some people came to this site by way of search engines. Here’s some of the strings that led them here:

Ebert Fest blog

Darin Wilmert

Ryan house for sale

kenny blankenship mxc

Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano

crazy drill (image search)

joe rogan unofficial website (which I assure you we are not)

google images of cushions

couch cushions

mxc orlando show credits

evil fuzzy monkeys

photoshop artwork

beckham dogging texts (huh?)

fuzzy couch

airborne fecal flushing toilet

kids fuzzy pink couch

new cushions for wooden couch

Spongebob Squarepants jpegs

couch cushions

i feel great .movie

good but cheap patio cushions

fuzzy kids couch

And while I was looking, I found that Bill Dennis (up in Peoria) added to his Central Illinois Blogs list at PEORIAPUNDIT.COM Ah, and also on BLOG PEORIA, for which we have a little button which describes us as “Guido and Troy’s group blog.”

uh … timber

My friend Worm was sitting on his back step when this huge tree decided to fall on his house. And he got to watch.




“Law & Order,”

“Daily Show,”

“South Park”

Ultimate recap

A couple people, both who have played before, came out to my J’ville Ultimate thing today. They each have some leads on more players, so that seems good. I’ll keep trying and see where we get.

kiss it, kiiiiiiisssssss it

Fine, I’m posting. I don’t have too much to say. I can’t be grouped with Ryan and Brett.

So, I’m home brewing now. I know what you are all saying, more of that disgusting junk. No, I have a real capital investment and kegging capacity. It is easy to do, but the initial investment is high. I have yet to accomplish something in the “light” variety but that is next. My current menu includes a porter and a soon to hatch IPA.

Spring has sprung in St. Paul. The beer gardens are bustling and the grass has returned to a spotty green carpet. I have begun to ride my bike everywhere I can and hope to get the Kyak out soon on the lakes. The back patio is complete ( I believe I left it there last post) and I’m trying to enjoy that. So being outside as much as possible, working with wood and such should keep me busy.

In the stacks

Student spent several months living in library STORY HERE and HERE

until the school found out by way of HIS BLOG.