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California, Alabama, home [10/7 update]

I spent last week (Sat.-Sun.) in San Jose, Calif. I took the “redeye” flight so I ended up sleeping most of Saturday. Sunday went by quick, then I flew to Alabama Monday morning to attend an all-day meeting.

Jantina updated Sassy’s page recently with a cute picture of Sassy and Zoe. We’ve been socializing her with other dogs so she will continue to develop friendliness. So far, so good. 🙂

I’m taking vacation days today and Friday in anticipation of Tillman coming to visit. I’m tracking his plane online; He’s about an hour away. We’re going to have a blast! He’s been racing cars lately, so I’m hoping to see some cool pictures.

[Update] Last weekend Tillman came to visit, we had a great time! We raced go-carts, played mini golf, played video games, and ate at a lot of cool places. Here is a picture of us at Emeril’s Tchoup Chop:

Favicon overhaul

Recently made up new favicons for (FC logo), The Unofficial Lazer Tag Home Page (a StarSensor), and The Journal-Courier (corporate’s Freedom Flame logo). I tried a few different ideas for the JJ-C site’s favicon — such as an Abe Lincoln head — but the Freedom Flame looked best.

In case you got this far and didn’t figure out what a favicon is … A favicon, short for “favorites icon,” is a feature built into browsers that allows a Web page designer to associate a small graphic element with a Web page.The favicon is usually displayed next to the Web site address.

Green beans and apples

I’m pretty beat from yesterday’s four hours of Ultimate. It was nice and cool and the ground was nice and soft, but that’s still a lot of running around. We did a lot of good drills for two hours then had a fun game for two hours.

Julie and I watched the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and premier of “Extras” last night at the Cox home. Both were great.

I now have a weird sharp pain in my abdomen. Not sure what that is about.

Saturday we got up early, had some coffee at the Coxes’, went to the farmer’s market and picked up some green beans (which we’re eating tonight) and some apples and some caramel rolls.

TK421 is not at his post

My formerly-trusty home computer, TK421, died sometime late Sunday or early Monday. I’m pretty depressed about it. Matt W. is going to come over tonight and take a gander at it. Hopefully it can be revived. I have some hope that the hard drive isn’t bad. It just isn’t all that old.

I just dread the idea of losing any data and having to track down all those programs and reinstall and everything. Blech. After you’ve done it a couple times, it looses it’s fascination.

Update (3 a.m. Wednesday morning): I’m back up … now with XP. Hope it’s stable. Still need to reinstall a lot of stuff. Probably late tonight. On the upside, I can now run iTunes and Tivo Desktop. … Now, what instant messenger should I run?

Update (1:38 a.m. Friday morning): Carlos needed to stop at Best Buy after Ultimate earlier. I picked up the Netgear Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter for the Tivo. It was on sale. I’ve started transferring the 33 episodes of “The Tick” off the Tivo. Now we can play music from the computer through the stereo system and look at photos on the TV, if were were to want to.

Update (Thursday, Sept. 22): Finally got a DVD burning software to run and started burning a disc at 2 a.m. My first DVD successfully finished burning around 4 p.m.


I put up a new logo/header this morning. It features Troy’s original couch image. I might tweak some things in the header, yet, but I think I like how it turned out.

We had our first special practice at Ultimate today in addition to our pickup game. We did some calistenics, drills, and going over some offense and defense strategies. Four hours of Ultimate and I’m pretty drained.

The Junior Varisty have a video out now. First one, I’m pretty sure. The JV has a couple members from Jacksonville and one from nearby Meredosia. Not sure I like the video’s vision, but it gets points for being a little bit different.

We finished season one of “OZ” and enjoyed the acting stylings my friends’ cousin and Lincoln, Ill., native Terry Kinney.

Fight the Flood: Halo Style

Bungie came up with a pretty imaginative way to raise funds for flood victims. In the later levels of Halo: Combat Evolved, the Flood are a mutated parasitic race that you have to fight. This lent to a cute piece of art for a T-shirt with a double meaning. They’re able to give $15 of the $19.99 purchase price straight to the Red Cross in support of fighting the Hurricane Katrina flooding. They have already raised $93,000 as of Sept. 6!

Stepping up

I put a coat of paint on the front steps, today, we fixed up a little while ago. They look pretty snazzy for now. Other than that, we ran some errands, washed the car and are now watching some episodes of “Oz” and “Deadwood.”