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Happy Halloween

This morning we thought we were running late for church. Turns out we forgot to adjust our time (“fall back”), so we were an hour early! So we decided to go to Barnes and Noble to kill some time, and then head back for the 10:30 service (Rather than join the 9:00 service half-an-hour late).

At B&N I looked through some of the Java and Photoshop books, that was fun. But as we were getting back into the car, my lip started hurting really bad. I think I accidentally hit the stitches with my tongue or something because I could feel the floss-like texture. It was so painful, and I felt nauseous. I decided I needed to eat something (Thinking perhaps the nausea was caused by the medication I took an hour previously… maybe I didn’t have enough food to absorb it).

So I went home and made a sandwich, my wife went on to church. After eating, I noticed the floss like texture was gone… I think the stitches came out or something. It feels a lot better since.

So… Toys R Us was running a buy 2 get 1 free sale on Video Games last week. Friday we received “Paper Mario” and “Tales of Symphonia” but “Pikmin 2” is still on is way. I watched Jantina play Paper Mario in the afternoon, it is a really good game!

Patriotic duty

The wife and I got up early and went to the polls! In Florida we have early voting 🙂

I wish I hadn’t waited until Saturday, though. There were a lot of people there! We had to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours! At least it was a beautiful day out, though we did get a little hot toward the end of the wait.

Voting took place at the library. As the line wrapped around the building, it passed the book drop-off slot. The slot had a metal drawer that opened, allowing books to be toppled into the interior of the building for off-hours returns. We quickly noticed that the air conditioning from inside was leaking out of this drawer, and by propping it open were able to get a refreshing burst of cool air.

After voting we went to P.F. Chang’s for lunch and took a look around the mall for a while (Apple store, EB Games, the usual).

Hello, moto

Jantina and I received our new cell phones today! We signed up for a new sharable minute national plan with ATT Wireless (now Cingular!). I was previously on a TDMA plan, and didn’t use nearly all of my minutes. So with the new GSM plan, I just need to pay like $10/month for my wife’s line and we can share the minutes! Woo-hoo!

We picked out the Motorola v600 (refurbished models are FREE) because it is supported by iSync. Now we can manage all of our contacts on the computer and have our phones up-to-date! (We have Ti-books, if you have the newer Al-book, keep in mind that the Motorola use iSync through USB, not bluetooth.)

Goodbye, little old man

My buddy Zipper died Monday afternoon. He was 17 1/2.

HIS DOGSTER PAGE hasn’t been updated yet, but we’ll get to it sometime. He got really sick and really weak over the weekend. Mom told me tonight about the whole ordeal. Of course we all knew it would be his time anytime, but it’s still tough. He was part of our family for so long. And he was a good little guy. Love ya, Nip.

Where the wild things live

Trick-or-treating in Jacksonville and South Jacksonville until 9 p.m. Children must stay within a five-block radius of their home. — A five-block radius of their home?! What the? … I, for one, plan to card.

Small world

We’ve been trying to get caught up on TV shows we like and have taped. Just watched the most recent episode of “Smallville” and it featured BART ALLEN – the grandson of Barry Allen (aka Flash No. 2) – and better known as Kid Flash (and Impulse before that).

We’ve also been catching up on “Jack & Bobby” and “Desperate Housewives” and trying to stay current on “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: CI,” Law & Order: SVU,” “Everwood,” “Veronica Mars,” “Lost,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Without A Trace,” Joan of Arcadia.”

Bagged leaves today. Number of bags used: 16. Number of trees that leaves came from to fill said bags: One.


Somebody told me a rumor: EMI might be holding another CD delete sale Nov. 18-19 from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Nov. 20 from 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. A non-perishable food item is required for admission. Same building as usual.

Blog mention

This is from several months agao, but I didn’t realize I got a mention from L.P. in her/their blog.



Jacksonville, IL

I already saw a post on the message board from Guido – thanks dude.

LINK HERE but you gotta scroll down to the 5/11/04 entry. And the post she’s talking about is OVER HERE. The one with the picture. 🙂

My block likes to party all the time

Julie and I went to the block party that some neighbors put together earlier this week. I guess the turnout wasn’t what they had hoped, but I thought it was pretty good. Got to meet some of our neighbors, at least. I’m pretty shy, so I’ve probably only talked to one neighbor or two in the four years we’ve lived where we are now.

When we introduced ourselves, a couple different people said “Oh, you’re the ones with the two nice dogs.” … “Eh. That’s what you think, huh?,” we said. They haven’t actually met Bindi, it seems.

Watched “Supersize Me” last night. Pretty entertaining. When it wasn’t going overboard, it made some good arguments.

Finally found time to watch the first two episodes of “The Secret Lives of Desperate Housewives” today. Seems good.

Hoping to take 10+ people to the Harvest Moon ultimate tournament halloween weekend. What’s the best way to get everyone there? Right now we’re hoping we can fit everyone and gear into my Escort and Jim’s van. We’re hoping it doesn’t rain that weekend, because we’re camping Friday and Saturday night. Wish us luck.

Update [11:30 p.m.]: We got our official bid approved for the tournament. Woo!

Down in the mouth

I must be turning into an old man… here I will tell you a medical story featuring bodily fluids.

So, in addition to the main saliva glands under your tongue and in neck, there are lots of little tiny ones all over the interior of your mouth.

Apparently I bit one of those (inside front of mouth, below lower lip) and it was producing saliva, but saliva was trapped under the skin. So this made a bubble that was really annoying. It felt like a small marble. I broke it a couple times and the clear sticky liquid came out, but it always came back.

I had it for about a year. It was annoying, I told my doctor about it, and she sent me to an oral surgeon last week. But because I needed a pre-med, the surgery was scheduled for this week (Friday). So I went there at 2:00 yesterday, they numbed my mouth, and cut it out to have it sent off to be analyzed. (to make sure it is just this gland thing and nothing more serious) Apparently it is pretty common, but they wanted to make sure.

I’ve been taking pain medicine and can’t drive while on it etc. It hurts to smile or laugh, but I can talk better today than yesterday. I started to pass out during surgery, and the doctor noticed, he’s like ” Oh no, he’s passing out” and the nurses all jumped in, reclined me way back so blood would flow to my head, put oxygen on me, a heart rate monitor, and started taking my blood pressure for the rest of the procedure.