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SSPU in Peoria

Julie and I went to see Silversun Pickups in Peoria last night with Lucy, our friend from college who had won a couple free tickets on the radio. She said she was having a hard time finding any friends who knew the band, but I’m a fan, so I jumped at the opportunity. It was the last show of the tour for the three bands, Silversun Pickups, Cage the Elephant, and An Horse.

Ain't no rest for the wicked. . .n. on Twitpic me, matt @cagetheelephant and @anhorse ..._b on Twitpic

I think I can see me in this photo from Matt Dayhoff of the Peoria Journal-Star. The PJ Star’s story/review of the show is here.

Trouble in Tivo land

Months ago, I noticed that our Tivo wasn’t deleting recordings from the Deleted folder and was not recording any “Suggestions.”

We had a lot of shows saved up, taking up a lot of room, so I put off looking into the problem. When we more recently cleared off enough shows — and I was more confident that we weren’t causing the problem by having too much memory taken up — I looked through the Tivo support forums and found others complaining about the same problem. I also found some things to try.

I tried a few things simultanously, so I’m not sure which part was the real solution. What I did was, clear all the thumbs up and thumbs down ratings, in the settings, told the Tivo to not record suggestions, then restarted the machine. When it finally rebooted, I changed the settings back so that the Tivo would record suggestions. After that, both problems were gone.

Recall issue fixed

I took our Corolla to the dealer Monday to fix a recalled break issue.
Recall ID09V338000
Recall date: Aug. 27, 2009
Component: Service brakes, hydraulic: power assist: vacuum.
Potential unites affected: 95,705

Fall sum-up

• My first cousin once removed Barry died early this morning. He was 57. [link]

• My photo of Edinburgh is being used in the Schmap Edinburgh Guide, I was informed today. I had a Creative Commons license on the photo that gave them permission to use it.

• In my search for a song to use in a video at work last night, I found the song “Agent Orange” by Sawtooth and a few others. It was a little difficult finding songs that only require attribution.

• Had another X-Ray done Friday for my Monday checkup. Seems like I never get to see the X-Rays when I get them done. I’d maybe post a little shot of them here if I could … and if it were interesting-ish.

• Seems like months since I’ve mowed, but I finally did today. The grass didn’t need it all that much, but the leaves are starting to fall, so I mulched them up a bit.

• Julie and I bought a friend’s couch and love seat recently. We moved them into the house a couple weekends ago and we’re breaking them in now. The love seat is really in the way in our bedroom, but the couch is working out good.

• I’m enjoying the Adidas Sambas that a friend gave me recently and have been wearing them a lot.

Full Fall

This past month has been really full. We started off the month with a trip to Seattle for Penny Arcade Expo ’09, after that we had Jantina’s family in town for her cousin Jason’s wedding, then I was a groomsman in David’s wedding, and last weekend I was out-of-town training for work!

I’m really looking forward to relaxing this weekend… We will be attending the annual Yoshukai Alliance wiener roast Saturday night and Financial Peace University on Sunday, but other than that I plan on doing some nothing .


My friend and former co-worker, Valérie, now travels around the country with the circus. I try to keep up with her blog, so I knew she was recently in the Chicago area. When I checked in with her blog today, I saw she was getting fairly close to Jacksonville.

Just now I checked again, and she’s in Mount Sterling — at the edge of my newspaper’s coverage area. That’s a little more than an hour away. She said they’d be in Winchester tomorrow, too. That’s only 20 minutes or so away.


Julie and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary this weekend. We got to spend extra time together, went out to eat a couple times (Kiku and Brickhouse, both in Springfield, Ill.) including once with my mom and dad, and saw a couple movies in the theater.

We also moved our new couch and love seat — new to us, anyway —  into the house. Not the easiest task.