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With Chicken Meat

So last night was “girl’s night”, my wife went to play board games and have dinner with Jamie, Aby, and others, so I hung out with Scott since he was also abandoned for the evening. We decided to go to a Chinese restaurant just down the road called “KIM WU”. I had their “Chicken Szechwan Style” which was a little spicy but good…. We found it odd that the descriptions of many items on the menu specified that they were made with chicken meat. Specifically, chicken MEAT. While other chicken dishes mysteriously did not include the extra noun MEAT in the description. Perhaps my worry was unfounded and I was looking too deeply into something as simple as a randomly over accurate translation. But it still gave me pause.


I just heard a warning that if you are outside for more than 15 minutes, any exposed skin is at serious risk for frostbite. I think it is 5 degrees. My gloves aren’t doing much good. It almost feels like I’m not wearing any. When I take the dogs out, they keep picking up as many of their feet as possible.

I juice everything now

Julie picked up this juice at Meijers the other night called Green Goodness. Get a load of what’s in it: Apple, pineapple, mango, banana, kiwi, star fruit, tamarind, lime, spirulina, open-cell chlorella, broccoli, ceremonial green tea, spinich, barley grass, wheat grass, blue-green algae, echinacea extract, oderless garlic and Jerusalem artichoke. All that and it tastes good … that’s the REAL surprise.

I’m for Clark?

My resultes from
01. Clark, Retired General Wesley K., AR – Democrat (72%)
02. Dean, Gov. Howard, VT – Democrat (63%)
03. Sharpton, Reverend Al – Democrat (58%)
04. Edwards, Senator John, NC – Democrat (55%)
05. Walt Brown – Socialist (54%)
06. Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat (53%)
07. Kucinich, Rep. Dennis, OH – Democrat (48%)
08. Libertarian Candidate (43%) Click here for info
10. Lieberman, Senator Joe, CT – Democrat (37%)
11. Bush, President George W. – Republican (34%)
12. LaRouche, Lyndon H. Jr. – Democrat (33%)
13. Phillips, Howard – Constitution (16%)

Meet and greet

Spent the weekend in Lincoln. I got to meet up and chat with Cole Warnisher on Sunday and Ryan on Saturday. Ryan and I went to the newer coffee bar place, Coffee with Einstein, which was a little chilly but otherwise pretty nifty. I’d like to go back sometime. I got to meet Ryan’s fiance, see their new house and hear a good squirrel story (wink, wink). He lives right across the street from the Wilmerts, by the way.

Julie and I also rented some weird movies, like 1999’s “Simply Irresistible” which could be one of those so-bad-it’s-good movies. I mean, it has a magic crab! OK, it could be a throwback to an earlier style of movie, and in that sense it might be considered clever and romantic. But among today’s movies, it just seems very, very strange. There are several things that don’t get explained well, and others that don’t get explained at all, which bugged me.

We also saw 1998’s “Phantoms” which is a Dean R. Koontz’s story and had one pretty good idea/twist in it, but that wasn’t really enough to make it good. I’ll give it a rating of “worth the 50-cent rental.”

Boston is cold

I’m in Boston now. I bought a new hat & scarf before heading out. Even after adding these new accessories to my heaviest coat and gloves, I’m still freezing! It is supposedly warmer here than it was last week (sub zero and in the national news for breaking records?). And on top of the coldness, I always get lost in Boston. Last night, I spent hours stumbling over an endless supply of one-way streets going the wrong direction. I can’t wait to be done with this project.

Filtered for consumption

Jantina and I hosted Home Team Friday night. We served Mexican Shells / tacos & chips, though overwhelmingly the beverage of choice was water. In case you were unaware, the water in the Orlando area has a pretty strong taste to it, kind of sulfuric. Well, we typically buy one of those 2.5 gallon dispensers of water. We usually fill a pitcher from the dispenser and keep it chilled in the fridge. Well, we went through the pitcher pretty fast and I refilled it a couple times but distributed its contents to my friends well before it became cold. Of all the amenities to run short on… water? I was perplexed and thought next time we would need to have 5 gallons on hand. This was until, on Sunday night, Jim and Jenn told us the wonders of the pur water system. They explained that it was easy to install and the filter needs replaced every-other month or so. That sounded like a much better strategy to me. We acquired the pur filter and installed it in minutes! It is drinkable and I no longer have anxiety providing water to my guests.