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Weirdy Santa

Weirdy Santa
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Julie likes this velure Santa ornament she found as we were decorating the tree Monday night. I think it’s kinda creepy.

Steve Copper called Clay last night to say that Walter was born yesterday afternoon (Nov. 29). He’s good-sized and I didn’t really get too many details so far.

Thanksgiving, part II

Erin got home from Lansing, Mich., at 3 a.m. this morning, so we could have had our Thanksgiving meal today … but I’m stuck at work.

Thanksgiving recap

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving day and upcoming weekend. Julie and I and Julie’s mom went to my parents’ house yesterday for a great meal. Mom and Dad made two turkeys, smoked and unsmoked. Mom tried a recipe I sent her for squash with pecans and goat cheese. I like it. We played some games, played with the dogs and watched Star Wars IV-VI.

I’m back at work today, but eating leftover squash as I type. Julie talked me out of going to any early bird sales this morning.

Josh, Amanda and Jeeto had us over Tuesday night for dinner and hanging out and such. Dave Crumley came over, too. Very nice evening … yet again. We tried taking some pics of my Threadless shirts, but I haven’t really looked at them yet. Not sure if they came out well. They looked pretty decent on the tiny screen on the camera.

We’ve been trying to think about Xmas gifts. We have a few ideas and have been given a few ideas and have even purchased a couple things. Still lots to do, though.

Thanks to Dennis

Thank you, Dennis! Bindi had a vet appointment today, but as we went out to the car to go there, I realized my keys were still in the bag of Ultimate stuff locked in the car. I ran back inside to try to think of someone to call, when Dennis IM’d me. He said he could give me a ride, so Bindi and I ran over to his house and got a ride to the vet … and he waited there for us, and gave us a ride home, too. Whew! So thank you, thank you, thank you to Dennis!, where I have a gallery of photos from the Jax Hat Ultimate Tournament, sends me an e-mail every so often and tells me how many views have been logged. The lastest tells me that 6,034 views since I created it in August. Jax Hat Tournament Photos.

Julie and I are going to see “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” tonight. She just finished re-reading the book last night.

There’s a great sale going on at and if you buy something using this link, I get a little bit off a shirt.

UPDATE [5 p.m., Nov. 23]: Aww, sweet! Someone actually used my link to buy six shirts. I’m up to 10 street team points with a few more on the way once I upload the pictures of all the shirts I already have.

My softer side

I finally have the water softener installed. It only took about three days. Now I know why the plumbers get paid so much. But, being the cheap ass I am, I had to do it myself. At least I was able to chose the location and the valve configuration. I scored on the closeout of the Kenmore huge one. It should provide enough soft water for six people, so I’m good for visitors.

I also have the crown molding installed in the dining room. I was able to get a matched stain from the Abbot Paint down the street and it came out great. My miters are ok, but I’m happy with the work. I’m the only one looking that close.

Next, the bathroom! Wait, maybe I need to clear out the garage. It is supposed to snow tonight!

November travel & new tech

I’m in DC for a project. It is fall here, and starting to get cold.
I really enjoy going home to weather in the 80s on the weekends.

XBOX 360 comes out next week. I think I’ll be in Mississippi when it comes out. I’ll ask Jantina to try and pick one up at Target for me (I didn’t preorder, didn’t want to get stuck with a bundle and included games I didn’t want).

I’m late to the podcast phenomenon, but I really do like them. I think the video podcasts are especially interesting, I watch those in iTunes on the computer for now, but a video iPod may be in my future.

Current Podcast subscriptions:

We still buy music on CD

I didn’t have time to go to the EMI CD delete sale, but Julie did and she found some pretty good stuff, the Tibetan Freedom Concert and the latest from The Redwalls, The Thrills, The Ceasars, Turin Brakes, and OK, Go.

The main reason I didn’t have time Wednesday was because the ultimate team took a road trip to Bloomington-Normal to play against the Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University teams. We left J’ville around 5 p.m., played two hour-long games, got some fast food, headed home, and got back to about 11:45 p.m.

Matt’s old stomping grounds

I went to an Ultimate hat tournament in Champaign on Sunday (at the intersection of Florida and Lincoln avenues) and was reminded of the day I came to visit Matt. After a full day of playing (six games), we went out to eat in the campustown area. We were directed to Za’s on East Green Street, but we found a big line there, so we opted for Zorba’s a couple doors down. I parked down Sixth Street, and found it difficult to get turned back around and up to Green again due to all the one-ways and that weirdness on Wright Street. I think Matt took me to, or through, this general area, but I’m not super-sure.

Homecoming aftermath

Last weekend was pretty busy, with homecoming activities and get-togethers and halloween and a birthday party. I’m just now recovering, I think. I’m always a little disappointed with homecoming. There are so many people around that I’d like to see and chat with and catch up with, but I never feel like I’ve done enough.

Josh and Amanda had a really nice party with some great nibbleables and quite a few people stopped through, before lots of people went out to dance and drink and such.

I heard that the EMI Delete Sale might be happening again this year … and soon. I haven’t confirmed it yet, but EMI might be having their kinda-annual CD sale it Wednesday, Nov. 9. Maybe it’s just one day this year. That would make it kinda crazy out there.

Clark just sent me a picture of his broken tooth today (above). He broke it at practice a couple weeks ago … poor guy. He blocked a throw, but the disc popped up and hit him in the mouth. The little piece of tooth went flying, and he caught it. Weird.