Hangin’ out with Josh

I’ve been trying out a laptop and using wireless Internet this past weekend. It’s been nice. I’m writing this from bed, in fact. Kinda makes me want to get one.

Sunday was fun. Had brunch with Josh in Springfield before Julie and Josh went to see “Into The Wild” and I went to play Ultimate (I haven’t seen a movie in a couple months … argh). Then we met up again at Best Buy where we looked for a little video player for Josh’s art project and Julie and I looked at cameras — it’s looking like we lost ours, not that we’ve looked very hard for it.

We headed back to J’ville where Julie made Indian food, Josh and I ran to Home Depot for supplies, Josh installed a new shower surround, we all watched the season finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and ate Pumpkin Pie Blizzards.

I sent in a bid for an Ultimate tournament Sunday night. The tourney is the weekend of Dec. 1 in Columbia, Mo. There is a roster limit of 11 people, three of which must be women. The guys are set, I think, but I’m still trying to nail down what women are going.

I dig the song on the iPod Touch comercial. You can listen to the whole song here.

Erin Gallager told me there’s a new Nintendo DS game called Frisbee Disc Sports Ultimate and Golf. It’s received some really bad reviews. Too bad.

2 responses to “Hangin’ out with Josh”

  1. Strobot says :

    Test … please ignore.

  2. guido says :

    Test 2 … please ignore again.

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