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Patio progress

Still stuck in hell. I need to get a wet saw and finish the details. This is not the most recent, but it will give an idea of the scope.

B’town too loud

Sydney and Jake thought the black powder rifles were too loud at the Beardstown Fall Fun Festival parade today. Being sans earplugs, I had to agree. They tell me this is the longest parade in Illinois.

I was denied on the Kathy’s Kitchen front. From what I could tell, she didn’t have a booth this year.

Everything scheduled at once

Route 66 Fest is this weekend in Springfield. In J’ville, we have the Prairieland Heritage Steam Show and the annual Cruise Night this weekend. In Beardstown, there is the Beardstown Fall Fun Festival. Geez. I think I’m just going to Beardstown this year. Julie wants to see the parade with her students. Maybe I’ll be able to get some Vadalia onion relish and red pepper jelly from Kathy’s Kitchen. She had a booth there last year.

They just said, on the news, that a tornado touched down near Lincoln.

A challenge

What’s a way to set up my TV components so that I can tape something and watch something else? Right now, when we tape something, we have to turn the stereo off and listen to the TV through the TV’s speakers. It isn’t a huge hastle, but I’d rather be watching CSI with the surround sound right now. Here’s what I got:

  • TV
  • Receiver
  • DVD
  • VCR
  • Update:

  • TV has L and R audio in & out. I’m using only the video in from the receiver now.
  • DVD is out only. I’m not using the L/R audio out. Just RCA-style coaxial out for sound.
  • VCR has RCA L and R audio in and out. It has RCA video in and out. And coax in and out. I’m using all of them now.
  • backup backup backup

    The 3 most important rules of computer operation, no? So I’ve been flying naked here for several months… ever since I made the switch to Apple, I’ve not had a good backup strategy. A cool thing though; now that all my home machines are Unix I can leverage my mad shell scripting skillz to automate even more repetitive tasks!

    So, last night I created a basic shell script that did the job. But in addition to that, I wrote my very first Applescript! I used the Applescript to wrap the shell scripts so that it would prompt my wife with dialog boxes for when to put in the CDR for example. Fun Stuff!

    Gave myself the bird(s)

    I switched over to Firebird as default browser and Thunderbird as e-mail program. Had to do some very scary registry-type hacking or at least huge-dat-file hacking to get my old e-mail data into Thunderbird. Messing with the dat file wasn’t mentioned in the info I found on migrating from Mozilla to Thunderbird, but it wouldn’t take until I tried it.

    I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to these dat files and javascript files and such. Hope it works without incident. I’m a little worried. Julie isn’t too excited about switching. Hopefully, she’ll like it.


    Bought The Smiths, “The Best … 1”, today and listened to it at work. I get to track 3 and it starts skipping around and then the rest of the tracks play fine. So I take it out and look at it. It has a big gloop of the ink on the bottom. It’s the ink they silkscreen stuff on the top of the disc. So I had to take it back and wait for a new copy to come in. Darn. Pretty good CD, though.

    Kitchen for more coffee

    My wife and I went to Japan (EPCOT) to buy some Nishiki premium rice and while we were there we noticed some new Spirited Away merchandise!! We both loved the movie and picked up these two items:

    A little lapel pin representing an enchanted soot creature … he is actually just sitting on top of our microwave currently

    … and a little magnet of the bird friend which makes me smile everytime I go to the fridge 🙂

    As I went to get my 4th cup of Starbucks Breakfast Blend from the kitchen, I noticed these guys sitting there, and I knew I had my blog topic for today.

    Filched chicken finger

    Utini just flipped my tray and bogarted my last chicken finger. I quickly recovered it from his mouth, but it was a bit doggie sogged. I don’t think the five second rule counts if it falls in someone’s mouth. Neither of us get it now.

    I’m getting close on the Web site I’ve been putting together for my college professor. He gave me the text today and the photographer brought over the images. I’ve been sizing and optimizing all afternoon and evening. I might finish it tonight and only have to do some touch-ups later in the week.

    Update: 11:53 p.m. — OK, I think the site is done now. Check it out here if you want to.

    Tiny buttons

    Guido, the Steal These Buttons site you sent me is pretty nifty. In fact I am now addicted to the challenges of squeezing in themes/thoughts/ things I like in 80 x 15 pixels worth of space!

    Here are my favorites so far… he he he: