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Disc golf and Caribe

Julie and I went to Caribe Restaurant in Beardstown on Saturday. It has a bunch of Caribbean dishes on the menu in addition to Mexican dishes. We need to go back and try some more stuff.

We went up for the grand opening of the Beardstown Park District’s new disc golf course. I had told Tom Bazan from my Ultimate group about it and he was already there and had played a round on the course already when we got there.

Weekend update

Jantina is in Florida for a baby shower and to see friends, so I’m holding down the fort with Sassy this weekend! My first order of business was sustenance (a.k.a. acquiring “Healthy Choice” frozen dinners), and while I was at the grocery store I found an alternative to Starbucks Doubleshot from Cinnabon. They offer larger serving sizes and run a dollar cheaper per 4-pack. I tried the Espresso & Cream variety… it was similar, but a lot sweeter than the Starbucks product, so I’ll be sticking to the original doubleshot.

I rented a couple of movies (Kill Bill Vol. 1, and In Bruges) and Soul Calibur IV. I’m also playing the new Galaga Legions that just came out this week. That should get me through the weekend pretty well. Galaga is made by the same team as Pac-Man Championship Edition, which I’m already addicted to, so its pretty dangerous.

Earlier this week I called on some clients in Des Moines. While I was there I tried 3 new restaurants and all were good!
New Places to Eat:
Tursi’s Latin King
Granite City
Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse

Movie attempt – fail

I attempted to watch “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” in Delafield, Wis., late Saturday night. I was pretty wiped out after driving to Wisconsin, and playing Ultimate all day, so my body wasn’t up for paying attention while sitting in a dark room. I’m going to have to see the movie again.

My sixth year at Cooler Classic was fun. The weather was pretty perfect. I played with the Purdue team — Undue Perversity, headed up by Eric Leonard — in the Open B category. We won two games and lost but were really close in two games. The remaining two were pretty solid losses.

I got to hang out with Mel — we went to the Water Street Brewry for dinner — and a bunch of Corn n Disc folks and a bit with my team. And Pete from the Madtown Boozehounds let me sleep in his tent. I figure that I had been up for 40 hours before I finally went to bed Saturday night. Then I was up around 8 a.m. as the tent needed to get packed up.

Unknown toy

I’d like to know the name of the toy I’m holding in this photo from about 1980. What would be a good way to figure that out?

I found it. … It’s the Dragonfly Megabug from the 1979 Megabug Gladiators: Combat Machine of the Future line. The future being 2003.

Larry Calhoun site

I re-uploaded Larry Calhoun’s Web site to a new host. It’s now at Larry might be interested in buying a URL to use instead of that one.

A while back we notice his last host just lost his whole site and has yet to find it.

I also have a bunch of newer work of his that I am hoping to post on there soon. I’m hoping to use some album software instead of hand coding all the image pages.

Julie and I went with Josh, Stephanie, and Wes to see “The Dark Knight” on Tuesday. It’s the 50th movie I’ve seen this year. [link]

Also this week, I think I finished the Voices of Jacksonville Audio Tour site I did for the Jacksonville Looking for Lincoln Committee.

Springfield just got Street View enabled on Google Maps. Here’s the field near the corner of Monroe and Chatham Road where we usually play Ultimate: