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Wanted: more sleep

Last night, trivia thing: Our team tied for 5th place our of 20.

Right now, I’m getting ready to leave for the Ultimate tournament.


Here is a look at our new fridge (compared to our old fridge). We like having the freezer on the bottom, it is a drawer that pulls out.


My Yahoo! Mail account got upgraded to one GB today. Nice. — I’m not sure how they can do this. There’s got to be hundreds of thousands or more Yahoo! Mail accounts. How can they have that much space? It’s pure mind-boggling insanity.

Strained my right quad at Ultimate today. And it now looks like I’m going to the St. Louis Classic Ultimate tourney this weekend as part of Matt Ratz’s team, Nine Inch Males. We’ll be playing Truman State, it seems. We need some more players if anyone wants to join us.

Tomorrow night I’m playing on some sort of eight-person Trivia team that Bre is putting together. It’s a local fund-raiser for autistic kids. Too bad Copper has to work, as he is the trivia king (or so he says — as though I’m one to challenge unless maybe we’re talking Star Wars trivia).

Left ear — still clogged up.

The torment is almost over

I finally bought another house. It is in Stillwater, MN, close to work and a great town with lots of history and terrific schools. I’m relieved to be moving on. Now we just need to sell ours. Tricky.

I have also come down with a cold. Two colds in one season is some sort of record for me. I am getting older.

Stick it

I’m shopping around for a good arcade stick. A while back I picked up a Playstation 2 in order to play Gradius V. I Recently grabbed a pre-owned copy of Virtua Fighter 4 ($5!!) to add to its library. VF really requires a stick to pull off some of the moves though.

One idea was to get a stick that would support multiple platforms. Because I currently do not have a stick for XBOX either. The anniversary edition Street Fighter stick does support both XBOX and PS2, but I’m not a huge Street Fighter fan.

The last good arcade stick I purchased was for the Sega Dreamcast. It had a great feel to it, and the remake of the Sega Saturn version is available for the PS2 also.

But then, I came across this remake of the classic Neo Geo stick that is being released as part of the King of Fighters anniversary. It is so cool, looks just like my original Neo Geo controllers! My largest concern is the number of actual clicky buttons (4) that might be limiting for other games.


A J’ville Journal-Courier item made it into “News of the Weird” this week:

A man fled after attempting to rob a shopkeeper in Central Park Plaza in Jacksonville, Ill., in January by first threatening her and then slapping her several times with a fly swatter (January). [Jacksonville Journal-Courier, 2-1-05

Chuck Shepherd has a BLOG, too.

SW the series

Over the weekend — at the Star Wars Celebration III — George Lucas announced a live-action drama television series that would take place between Episode III and Episode IV. ”We’re probably not going to start that for about a year,” he said. ”Like on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, we want to write all the stories for the entire first season all at once. I’m going to get it started, and hire the show runners and all of that, then I’ll probably step away.”

Still having trouble hearing out of my left ear. 😦

Got my Episode III tickets the other day for the 12:01 a.m. show on May 19. Julie’s coming with. I can take off work early if needed. Asked Josh to come, but the schedule wouldn’t allow. We might go see it over the weekend, though.

Another random Matt posting

So here is another of the rare Matt postings. He has once again been guided by e-mail from the far away planet “Florida.”

Not much going on here. Guess what, no new house. You’d never believe that! When will this torment end?

I’ve been in town for a while. Back in Taiwan in May, but home till then. It is nice to have a schedule of some sort and see the people I work with.

A new batch of beer has been born. It will be tapped tonight at a Spring themed party and a post 30th party. I like it. It is not as sweet as the porters, but nice and malty not too bitter. I just hope the carbonation level is ok, never know how everyone feels about the bubbles.

So I mentioned I was going to have Lasik done. I’m ready to have the right eye touched up, but everything is ok for now. Slight monovision but not too bad. After the correction I should be fantastic. Plus they don’t have to re-microtone the flap. You can lift the flap up for up to 3 years!
Maybe I’ll go for a walk, such as nice day.


I’ve been sick since the evening of April 12, and I’m just starting to get the feeling that I’m finally getting better. Between the fever and coughing, I’ve only had two good nights of sleep since that Tuesday. It’s been a long week-and-a-half.

Getting ready to order Star Wars III tickets.

There are three or four Ultimate tournaments I’ve been eyeing, but I’m not sure which ones are likely.

Big project at work that’s but sucking all kinds of time and energy from my department is pretty much done. One more special section is still coming up soon.

Moved In!

It has been crazy with all of the new house stuff going on here. Carpeting, painting, getting new appliances, learning pool maintenance, finding a local handy man, setting up cable, internet, the actual move…… we are still trying to get settled, we are exhausted every night but still have more to get done!

I’m catching up on emails tonight (some 300 personal emails that I have to filter through) between the move and work, there hasn’t been much time to catch up! I was able to click on over to
Al’s page and make a donation for the Angelman Walk (still time if you want to too!)

Halo 2’s update is out, sounds like some favorable new weapon balancing. I need to practice.