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10 weeks at the gym

My exercise for the past couple years has been playing three to four games of racquetball three times a week; playing a couple hours of Ultimate two to three times a week; and an occasional 15- or 20-mile bike ride (when the weather cooperates).

But this week, I just started going to a gym on Saturday. I’m planning to go three times a week for 10 weeks. The first day was just orientation, but I have so little upper body strength and do so little with weights that I did get a sore from orientation. Here’s the workout from my second day, which was today:

Do as many reps as possible in 15 min.:
• 40 air squats
• 30 sit-ups
• 20 push-ups
• 10 pull-ups

… and here’s what I managed:
• 109 air squats
• 60 sit-ups
• 40 push-ups (from knees)
• 20 pull-ups (assisted)

That was enough to make me lightheaded and I imagine I’ll be quite a bit more sore tomorrow than I already am.