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Bindi’s toy sqeaker

Bindi got a new toy recently and she’s been hyper-obsessed with it. It’s really ugly and is supposed to be an elephant, I think, though it has dredlocks. She carries it around or keeps it next to her most of the time. She carries it to the front door when we’re going out, then rushes back inside to get it when she’s ready to come inside.

Unlike many other of the toys she likes to play with, she hasn’t really tried to destroy this one.

Little Saigon

Met up with Josh and Amanda and Josh’s sister Beth after Ultimate practice Sunday. Went to the new Vietnamese resturant in Springfield, Little Saigon. It just opened a couple weeks ago. The place is pretty cool — both the food and the resturant are attractively designed. I had the sampler plate and a lychee and honeydw freeze, which is kinda like a fruit smoothie with ice and tapioca bubbles, like bubble tea. As we were finishing up our meal, we were surprised to see Mom and Dad coming in for dinner.

Little Saigon,
1531 Wabash Ave, Springfield, Ill.
(217) 726-9633
Hours: 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday;
11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday;
noon-8 p.m. Sunday.

Weekend with Tillman

This weekend Matt Tillman and Jenna are in town visiting us! We had a very packed Saturday… In the morning we went to Megacon, a big Anime / Comic / Sci-Fi convention at the Orange County Convention Center. We saw all kinds of cosplay, including a slave Leia with storm troopers, the prince form Katamari, and lots of Final Fantasy characters. It was a blast!

Then we went to Celebration to participate in the Posh Pooch Festival. There were lots of puppies and dogs there, Sassy had a blast. Jantina entered Sassafras into a beauty contest, but Jantina felt the judges preferred the dogs with “gimmicks”.

After the Posh Pooch Festival we headed home to play some 360. The girls fell asleep as soon as we got home, I followed shortly after, and eventually Matt dozed off while playing.

After our naps, we headed over to City Walk for our dinner reservations at Emeril’s. I had a slice of the Duck / Mushroom-Truffle pizza for an appetizer, the Filet of Beef, and Banana Cream Pie for dessert!

Update: Cosplay at Megacon Video

My new system

My new MacBook Pro arrived this morning! I’ve successfully migrated all settings from my previous Powerbook (Ti/15″ with Panther).

Almost everything “just works”, the only exception has been NeoOffice/J. Apparently you can’t get to the JVM from Rosetta, and it will be a while for an Intel version. For now I’m using an alpha-build of OpenOffice 2.0 for “MactTel” for compatibility of previously created documents, and I also have Microsoft Office for daily work.

Couple of cool things: This is my first machine with Bluetooth built in, now syncing my cell phone’s address book is so easy! I love the magnetic power cord, it attaches very securely.

Couple of things to get used to: All of the connections are on the sides, rather than the back of the system (I think it looks less tidy). There should be an easier way to turn off dashboard.

Dunnies at ÜberBot

Jantina and I went to the coolest store today. We drove over to Winter Park for lunch this afternoon, and decided to walk around a bit. We came across ÜberBot, a neat store with these little artistic, vinyl dolls, that are decorated by various artists from all over. They reminded us in concept of the Cows in Chicago, or the Pandas in D.C.. But these little guys are unique and collectible “Designer Toys”.
On top of that, the store carries a lot of imported products from Japan like Manga, Music, and Anime.. as well as a nice selection of domestic art including most recent comic books. Jantina ordered the DVD set of “Fruits Basket” while we were there, and they said it would only take a couple of days! Next time any of you are down this way, it is a must see!

Random “Dunny” examples

Casting call

Julie and our friends Josh and Amanda are trying out for the following TV show trivia contest thingy:

VH1 and Entertainment Weekly are scouring the country to find 16 three-person teams who think they’ve got what it takes to compete in the most intense pop culture trivia tournament to date, THE WORLD SERIES OF POP CULTURE.

The tournament, which will be taped to air on VH1 in late summer 2006, will happen over the weekend of April 28th through the 30th in New York City.

They had their application accepted, then they had me take some photos of them to send in, and they are going to the audition in Chicago in mid-March. [link]

More geek events

My MacBook Pro shipping was delayed, but Apple did upgrade it to a 2.0 GHz (over the 1.8 GHz I ordered) for no cost. New delivery date is Feb. 28.

I upgraded the Fuzzy Couch comment system (blogkomm) this evening. Should help us cut out the comment spam we’ve been seeing.

I’m getting back into Linux again, reading a certification book, but now I need a spare x86 machine to build Red Hat since I’m all SPARC and PPC here at the moment … and the Core Duo won’t be immediately supported either.