Down in the mouth

I must be turning into an old man… here I will tell you a medical story featuring bodily fluids.

So, in addition to the main saliva glands under your tongue and in neck, there are lots of little tiny ones all over the interior of your mouth.

Apparently I bit one of those (inside front of mouth, below lower lip) and it was producing saliva, but saliva was trapped under the skin. So this made a bubble that was really annoying. It felt like a small marble. I broke it a couple times and the clear sticky liquid came out, but it always came back.

I had it for about a year. It was annoying, I told my doctor about it, and she sent me to an oral surgeon last week. But because I needed a pre-med, the surgery was scheduled for this week (Friday). So I went there at 2:00 yesterday, they numbed my mouth, and cut it out to have it sent off to be analyzed. (to make sure it is just this gland thing and nothing more serious) Apparently it is pretty common, but they wanted to make sure.

I’ve been taking pain medicine and can’t drive while on it etc. It hurts to smile or laugh, but I can talk better today than yesterday. I started to pass out during surgery, and the doctor noticed, he’s like ” Oh no, he’s passing out” and the nurses all jumped in, reclined me way back so blood would flow to my head, put oxygen on me, a heart rate monitor, and started taking my blood pressure for the rest of the procedure.

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