Happy Halloween

This morning we thought we were running late for church. Turns out we forgot to adjust our time (“fall back”), so we were an hour early! So we decided to go to Barnes and Noble to kill some time, and then head back for the 10:30 service (Rather than join the 9:00 service half-an-hour late).

At B&N I looked through some of the Java and Photoshop books, that was fun. But as we were getting back into the car, my lip started hurting really bad. I think I accidentally hit the stitches with my tongue or something because I could feel the floss-like texture. It was so painful, and I felt nauseous. I decided I needed to eat something (Thinking perhaps the nausea was caused by the medication I took an hour previously… maybe I didn’t have enough food to absorb it).

So I went home and made a sandwich, my wife went on to church. After eating, I noticed the floss like texture was gone… I think the stitches came out or something. It feels a lot better since.

So… Toys R Us was running a buy 2 get 1 free sale on Video Games last week. Friday we received “Paper Mario” and “Tales of Symphonia” but “Pikmin 2” is still on is way. I watched Jantina play Paper Mario in the afternoon, it is a really good game!

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