My block likes to party all the time

Julie and I went to the block party that some neighbors put together earlier this week. I guess the turnout wasn’t what they had hoped, but I thought it was pretty good. Got to meet some of our neighbors, at least. I’m pretty shy, so I’ve probably only talked to one neighbor or two in the four years we’ve lived where we are now.

When we introduced ourselves, a couple different people said “Oh, you’re the ones with the two nice dogs.” … “Eh. That’s what you think, huh?,” we said. They haven’t actually met Bindi, it seems.

Watched “Supersize Me” last night. Pretty entertaining. When it wasn’t going overboard, it made some good arguments.

Finally found time to watch the first two episodes of “The Secret Lives of Desperate Housewives” today. Seems good.

Hoping to take 10+ people to the Harvest Moon ultimate tournament halloween weekend. What’s the best way to get everyone there? Right now we’re hoping we can fit everyone and gear into my Escort and Jim’s van. We’re hoping it doesn’t rain that weekend, because we’re camping Friday and Saturday night. Wish us luck.

Update [11:30 p.m.]: We got our official bid approved for the tournament. Woo!

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