‘FHA Hero’

Don’t EVEN get me started about leotards...

Over the last week or so I got caught up on “Superman,” “Superman/Batman,” “X-Men,” “X-Tatics,” and various singles (such as “Y: The Last Man” and “Green Lantern: Rebirth”).

New Journal-Courier site is accessible, but not always directly. Should be all up and ready over the weekend, I think.

I’m sure I’m gonna hit the 70-movie mark before the year’s up. But will I pass it? I don’t know. “Dawn of the Dead” made me pretty antsy last night. Horror and myself don’t get along all that well.

I caught a couple recent episodes of “Justice League Unlimited” this week. The two I saw were written by or stories by J.M. DeMattis and Warren Ellis. Comic writers whose work I often enjoy. Both were pretty good. I don’t think I could see the Warren Ellis-ness in his episode. Maybe a little bit.

Lenny Brisco T-shirts

Julie bought me a couple T’s today. “FHA Hero” and “Mexican skeletons riding bicycles.” Me likey.

The DSL is still working pretty well. It takes a surprisingly long time to connect when I do have to reconnect. I could probably use some suggestions on how to best set up the modem/router whatsit. I believe I turned its firewall on already and disabled the wireless feature (no hotspot at my house).

I haven’t tried to hook all the phones back in since last Saturday. That’s when I couldn’t connect and ended up ripping all the lines out of the box. We just have the downstairs phones working right now.

Troy got the new lazer tag index page all plugged in.

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