Stuck in a comic book

Greetings, true believers. Will Guido get up early enough, tomorrow, to mow the lawn, wash the dishes, or work on the new and exciting Larry Calhoun Web site? Will the dasterdly drizzle foil our hero’s advances against the overgrown lawn monster? Will anyone show up for Ultimate practice in the preciptiation? Tune in next time, loyal readers, to find out just how lazy Guido can be!

Here’s a doodle from tonight (actually last night if you’re a stickler for that sort of thing).

Julie and I went up to see my parents Friday night and came back Saturday afternoon. I spent part of the evening updating a few programs and clearing out all the extra programs that launch at startup on mom’s computer. I used spybot to get rid of the spyware and adware and it even has a great process explorer feature that helps you figure out what all those processes actually are. That made things easier. I update the anti-virus stuff, ran Windows update, and ran scandisk and defrag. Had to do those in safe mode, of course. Hopefully it will be running a little faster now.

Erin’s still convinced she has a CD burner in her laptop, but I’m not so sure. She thinks she’s just missing the software, but I bet she either didn’t order it or she ordered it and they didn’t get the order right. I hope she actually has it, but … oh we’ll see. Mom’s been on the phone with the company from which it was purchased several times, I guess. She isn’t the most fluent in computer speak, though. I wish I would have thought to ask about that when I was there.

We hit the 33rd Annual Abraham Lincoln National Railsplitting Contest and Crafts Festival for lunch and checked out some cool vintage bicycles that were on display. I got the walleye sandwich with tartar sauce, tornado fries, strawberry shakeup and strawberry shortcake. I ran into a couple old acquaintances (i.e. Don, Marjorie and Ben Sapp and I met Ben’s wife; John and Arlene Dewilde from Scouts; John _____ from the year ahead of me in high school; the Dave Wilmert, his parents and sister; saw Heather Shouse from a distance).

Ahhh! I just found the LCHS school song (which I torture people with every once in a while).

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