Overdue update

Project Natal looks awesome.

I picked up Riddick for $39 at Best Buy. I never played it on the
original XBOX, I’ve been really impressed. The overall pacing is
perfect for me and the mix of action/stealth/freedom was a much better
ratio than Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell. Definitely recommended,
though it is mature title, I wish there was a content filter similar
to Gears of War where I could turn down the harsh language.

I’ve also been playing Red Alert 3 in co-op with my nephew. Its
better balanced than Command and Conquer 3 (not as difficult) and the
campy, over-the-top units and characters are a lot of fun. If you
enjoy strategy games, I’ve seen this going for as little as $30. It
offers more meat than Halo Wars if you’re ready for the next step
beyond that game.

On my iPhone its been all about Peggle and Flight Control.

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