Josh and I each experienced our own Nintendo Wii accidents tonight.

First, we were Wii Sports bowling and Josh tried releasing the Wiimote as one would release a real bowling ball. He had the wrist strap on, but the strap broke and the Wiimote flew — it crashed right below the TV, the battery cover few off and the batteries flew out.

I thought that was pretty freaky-scary … until my Wiinjury, that is.

I was serving to Josh in Wii Sports tennis — as I have many a time — but this time my hand made contact with the light fixture hanging from the ceiling. Glass from two light bulbs went flying around the room. My index finger was sliced a little, but my index, middle and ring finger feel like they were slammed in a car door and are swollen.

Also tonight, which happens to be Valentine’s Day, while over at Josh’s, we ate the red velvet cake I got for Julie. Julie got me a big box of candy … yum.

I bought my first URL the other night — www.NoirArtEmporium.com.

2 responses to “Wiinjury”

  1. Troy says :

    Congratulations on the new domain!As for the Wiinjury, OUCH! Was it the original strap or the replacement straps? Did he have the plastic cover thingy (jacket) on the wiimote to save the stuff he threw the remote into? Both are free from nintendo.comStrap:http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/strapreplace.jspJacket:http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/jacket/jacketrequest.jspGeneral Wii Safety:http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wiiplay.jsp

  2. guido_strotheide says :

    The domain is just going to be a mask. Our main domain is still http://www.hangatnoir.com. But it’s nice to have.Josh has those rubber sleeve/jacket thngs, but we took them off after a while because they were such a pain to deal with.I think the battery cover broke a little bit, but the stuff that got hit didn’t get damaged, luckily.That replacement strap link should be handy. Thanks.Check this out … I’m using my Yahoo! OpenID.

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