My friend’s got an early-model iMac (running OS 8.6) — I updated QuickTime and Internet Explorer — the next day, the computer froze when Outlook Express was trying to get mail. So I got the most recent version of Outlook Express (again, for OS 8.6) and it worked again. He e-mails me today to tell me Outlook Express is locking up after he hits the “Send & Receive” button. What the heck? I’m not even sure what to try now. — a few minutes pass — Well, I found a couple ideas online, so at least I have some things to try.

Today, I got the 75,000-mile service on the Civic (costly, I might mention) and found 3 Star Wars items while I was out. Jedi Army (figure 3-pack), Hoth Evacuation General Rieekan with Hoth tactical screen, and Tatooine Escape C-3PO with escape pod. Images are from

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