Recent uploads: Kickball, bike

I’ve been working on my BMX bike lately, so these two were taken while riding:

Kickball game — This is from the  game in Lincoln recently. It got rained on a little, but was fun.

They're redoing the front of the building at work. A couple people found this exit slightly amusing yesterday.

3 responses to “Recent uploads: Kickball, bike”

  1. Troy says :

    Ha! I love the “exit”!

    How many people showed up for the kickball game?

  2. Guido says :

    I’m not sure how many in total. I saw pictures from before I got there and there were a bunch of people that had already left by the time I got there. I’d guess 30-something.

    There were around 20 when I got there. The weather forecast probably scared some families off, unfortunately.

  3. Troy says :

    The weather was a bit crumby that weekend. Of course this weekend’s wind and temperature drop is pretty unusual too.

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